Black Politicians need to be Careful

Black Politicians need to be Careful

The recent arrest of Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich on corruption charges has shocked many people. The FBI secretively recorded Blagojevich on tape talking about selling the senate seat to the heist bidder. The senate seat up for sell was the seat that president elect Barack Obama vacated when he won the presidency.

Blagojevich being the governor had the power to appoint a person to become the new senator of the vacated seat without the need for an election.

On the tape Blagojevich says that there are five candidates who want the seat, and he said that out of all the candidates number 5 will surely be willing to pay money for the senate seat. Number five turns out to be Jesse Jackson jr. and Jesse claims he knew nothing about the pay to play politics of the governor.

Jesse Jackson jr.: “I want to make this fact plain: I reject and denounce pay-to-play politics and have no involvement whatsoever in any wrongdoing. I did not initiate or authorize anyone at any time to promise anything to Gov. Blagojevich,” Jackson, an Illinois Democrat, said during a Capitol Hill press conference Wednesday December 5, 2008..

This scandal does make it harder for Jackson to get the senate seat, and it is all — because of the governor mentioning his name even though Jackson was not aware of the governor’s intent to sell.

Many black politicians have to be careful, because there are some people who are angry because Obama was elected president. Barack Obama being a biracial who is mixed with black makes some people uncomfortable.

So black politicians need to be aware that in the back of certain other people’s minds they don’t want to see another president in the future who is black or mixed with black. So getting caught up in scandals help ruin the opportunity for potential black presidents of the future.       

Blacks politicians and mixed race politicians who are mixed with black need to be careful and avoid scandals.

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