Aldous Huxley said: An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex. 


(Aldous Huxley, English (British) critic & novelist birth 1894 – death 1963 )




I will admit that my grammar and punctuation are not the greatest, but it’s not always about grammar, it’s mainly about what you say when you write. How did your writings influence and shape the ideas’ and opinions of others (readers). Did your writings (essays, columns, etc) touch someone’s intellect and emotions in a unique way? You can always find someone to edit the grammar of your writings and essays, but, you can not find some one to give you that unique gift of literary genius (unique writer whom many people enjoy reading because of the style and insight into the topics he or she writes about) when you pen your words to paper. Many people can write about certain topics – but not every one can influence large multitudes of people with their written words. We all are stduents in life gaining knowledge of various sorts, what is an intellectual? It is a student in life who keeps learning and gaining knowledge about the world we live in. So I will admit every life is a walking book, and your life style is your book of life.  




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  1. Beautiful site with thought-provoking posts. I will be back. Often. Keep up the wonderful work here.

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    Thank you very much, and I am glad you enjoy the way the website looks. I am grateful that you find some of my post thought provoking, I write about a variety of topics that I feel people will find interesting.

    Please come by again.

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