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Hip Hop and Dark Skin

(rap music made dark skin black men popular throughout the world) 

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My Impressions Of Tupac

Tupac Amaru Shakur

(June 16, 1971 — September 13, 1996),

My Impressions Of Tupac

My impressions of Tupac is that he deep down inside wanted to be a good person, and God fearing man. In his songs, I can hear the crying out for help from God to deliver him from the thug life – which he grew up in.

I feel that Tupac had a lot of good in him also. His song Hail Mary! Is one of those songs that show a man trying to escape from his inner demons of emotional trauma and gang life. He wants to do the right thing, live a decent life, read books, raise children, work and become successful at something. So HAIL MARY!! Holy mother bless me and deliver me from this thug life please!

In life there are many storms that torment and cause pain. From childhood trauma, mistreatment at the hands of other people, mental, emotional, physical, and psychic abuse and rejection. All of these things play a role in life and influence our behaviors. All of the good things that happen to us in life influence us too.

Tupac has one foot in the gangsta (gangster) life and the other foot out. You can hear it in his music. He just did not have enough positive role models around to help move him in the right direction. In his music I can sense he had hopes, inspirations, and fear of not knowing how his life would turn out (better or




In Tupac’s music I get a strong sense that he felt he was going to die. He was not sure when it would happen but he intuitively felt it. I believe also, that he felt, he would be murdered by someone with a gun or some weapon.

Deep in his subconscious mind he felt this, and all of the anxiety, fear, and inner grief that came with this feeling that he would be murdered and die young. One of the ways Tupac expressed his inner feelings about being killed at a young age was through his music. His music really takes you on a journey into the inner thinking and feelings of his life regarding society, politics, race relation, male female relationships, love, family, and friends.

His music gives you a glimpse into the subjects that occupied his life right up to his death. He often thought of death, triggered by the life style he was living, and the feeling, that he would die young that lurked in his subconscious mind.


Through his music he was asking for forgiveness of sins. He thought about how his mother, family, and friends would feel if he died young. The album Makaveli says it best about how Tupac felt towards the end of his life. The songs on the album definitely reveal a soul torn apart. A soul that is spiritual, searching for redemption, yearning to repent for past wrongs, and in pain.

Many never make past age 30 and neither did Tupac. He died at age 25, murdered in Las Vegas as he rode in the passenger seat of a car. He was shot multiple times by a car that pulled up beside the car he was riding in.

2pac’s music is a combination of gangsta rap and conscious rap combined. This made him unique; very few Hip hop artists can combine the two successfully. 2pac could combine the two because he actually lived the gangsta thug life, and at the sametime was on a spiritual journey searching for God and repentance. 2pac’s music still inspire many regardless of some of the profanity, there are some deep emotional feelings of a soul searching for God in his lyrics.

Some people still shed a few tears when they remember 2pac.


And I say to you (2pac) Hail Mary, and what do we have here now.

I hope you have found peace 2pac, and I hope you made it to the crossroads (heaven).


La dadada la la la


Update: Hip Hop artist rapper Kanye West broke down into tears on Saturday, November 17, 2007 on stage at a concert in Paris, France while attempting to perform (sing) the song "Hey Mama." The fans starting chanting Kanye, Kanye, and some (certain) members of his came to console him. West eventually left the stage and returned soon to perform the song "Stronger" and the audience started yelling their support. West is expected to return to the United States (America) for his mother’s funeral, which will take place Tuesday in Oklahoma city. Dr. Jan Adams under investigation (regarding the death of Donda west) By Chance kelsey, Chance: Dr. Jan Adams is in serious trouble after his patient Donda West died one day later after receiving cosmetic surgery from him. Donda West was the mother of Hip hop artist Kanye West. The surgery was done on November 9, 2007 and Donda died the next day on November 10, 2007.

Dr. Andre Aboolian of Beverly Hills, California said that Donda West came to him and wanted him to do cosmetic surgery but he refused because she had a medical condition that could lead to a heart attack. Abolian told her to go and get medical clearance (approval) from another Doctor, and then come back and see him. Donda never came back to see him. We now know she got the cosmetic surgery done by Dr. Jan Adams. Some of the comments I have seen and read on the Internet blogs, and websites are very interesting. Some people ask was Donda West pursuing Vanity?


Dr Jan Adams is not even board certified to practice and perform plastic surgery according to the Medical board. According to records Jan Adams has been sued twice, Some new organizations say Adams has been arrested twice on on DUI’s — but the website says that Adams has been arrested three times for DUI (driving under the influence).


DR. Jan Adams is a very handsome Caramel brown skin black, with a deep voice, aura of confidence, friendly personality, and comes across as very intelligent. So it is easy to see why people would trust.


Julie Coleman is a young female in her late 30s, and she went to DR Jan Adams for cosmetic surgery. The end result was she ended up physically scared for life around the breast and waist areas of her body. Julie did an interview with, and she said that because of the scars her husband would not look at her for 9 months, and it almost caused a divorced.


Also Jan Adams has his personal website advertising his cosmetic surgery. He also, has another website that sells skin bleaching creme to lighten the skin tones for women of color.   and 

 Jan Adams career as a Doctor is over, and it is sad to see that Miss Donda west lost her life she died at the age of 58 years old.



















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    Viewer discretion is advised, this is a mulatto rap video (Mulatto Hip Hop).     


Hip Hop And Slavery

By Chance Kelsey,

 Chance: During the time period of slavery in America many black slaves would sing songs. Some of these songs were religious, other songs were about a variety of things like relationships or love, and other songs expressed how many blacks felt about being in bondage. In general most slave songs typically consisted of four-line stanzas that alternated with four-line choruses, and within that structure, solo verses alternated with refrains. The majority of stanzas most often took the aaab form (three repeated lines and a refrain) or aaba form (two repeated lines, one new line, then a repeat of the first line). Occurring less frequently was the abcd form (no repetition of text).
Music allows the soul to express how it feels on the inside, and music and sex are the only two things that come close to expressing the inexpressible.

Black people are what I call the music race, the way they express how they feel through a variety of musical styles has inspired even many other ethnic groups throughout the world. The blues is a form of black music that originated during slavery — and during the Jim Crow area of racial segregation the blues became more popular among black Americans. Blacks added more styles and instruments such as the guitar and harmonica to the blues during the era of racial segregation.

Just like music helped give blacks a form of emotional and mental expression during slavery, Hip hop culture gives many young blacks a voice to express how they feel about society today. Hip hop is a culture and rap music is a part of that culture. There are many forms of rap music both positive and negative. It all depends upon what social views and experiences in life the rapper has gone through. Gangster (gangsta) is just one form of rap music — there is religious rap, social conscious rap, political rap and many other forms. But gangsta (gangster) rap is the most popular form of rap currently because of the ruff urban life experiences that many young Hip Hop artists who are gangsta rappers have gone through in life. 

 Chance: So whether one agree or disagree rap music in its various forms express how many young people feel about various issues. Some young people just enjoy the music even though they have never experienced the life style the rapper is speaking about. Just like the black slaves sung songs based upon how they felt while in bondage. Gangsta rap is a form of the blues, white parents in the 1950s and 1960s would criticize the black music of their time. They did not want their children to listen to it. But many whites both young and old started to enjoy the same black music forms they once criticized. Then came Elvis Presley a white man singing black music and whites loved him and the rest is history.

Hip hop music is the music of choice that many blacks and members of other ethnic groups choose to express how they feel whether positive or negative. Will gangsta rap ever become unpopular yes, when life gets better for millions of young urban blacks who suffer from poverty, lack of education, police brutality, lack of love, violence, ghettoes, drug infested neighborhoods, high out of wed lock births, etc decrease to a very low percentage. Just like when slavery ended blacks stopped singing certain songs. Until then gangsta rap and hip hop culture will be an outlet of expression for millions of young black people.

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

Chance writes: The words nigger and nigga are like father and son they are forever linked. Hear one you think of the other.

Nigga And Nigger

(The Origins Of The N Word)

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: The word nigga is a word that many black Americans use publicly and in private when speaking with fellow blacks. Sometimes blacks use the word nigga as a way of greeting each other. Example what’s up nigga is a way of saying hello, but if two blacks are arguing what’s up nigga can be a challenge to a fight. The word nigger spelled with the er at the end is the word that was used by whites during the time of black slavery in America. Whites used the word nigger as a way of degrading, humiliating, and embarrassing black slaves. So blacks during the time of slavery were constantly referred to by whites as niggers. Nigger with the er at the end is a derogatory term and a racial epithet to describe a black person. It is a term used to insult a black person anywhere on this planet.

The Origins Of The Word Nigger

The word nigger comes from the Latin language in Latin it is spelled niger with one g. The word niger in latin means black. When Spain started shipping black slaves from Africa to South America the Spaniards referred to blacks as negros. When American whites started using the word negro to describe a black slave. White Americans got the word negro from the Spaniards because Spain had black slaves in South America.  As time went on the White Americans living in the southern slaves states started to mispronunciation the word negro. They started pronouncing it niggero as time went on they started saying nigger. So blacks were called niggers from that point forward. 

The Origin Of The Word Nigga

The word nigga is a mispronunciation of the word nigger, whites in the southern states did not allow black slaves to learn how to read and write. It was illegal to teach a slave how to read and write in Southern states. White slave masters knew that an educated person can cause problems if they disagree with you. So therefore, black slaves were not allowed to learn how to read and write. A white person caught teaching a black slave how to read and write was punished by law. Now, because black slaves could not read and write so they would mispronounce words nigger became nigga, poor became poo, fool became foo, master became massa, brother became brotha, sister became sista, mother became motha, father became fatha, etc.

So the word nigga ending with the letter A is the mispronounced form of the word nigger which ends with er.

Hip hop Culture

The Hip hop culture and rap music has made the word nigga more popular than the word nigger many young people whom are kids, teenagers, young adults in their 20s and 30s use the word nigga. When speaking with each other and these young people come from all racial groups, hip hop is international and universal and goes pass all racial and ethnic lines. So hip hop has helped to some degree the word nigger take upon a less offensive meaning. By many people using the word nigga in hip hop instead of nigger. Hip hopsters know that nigger is derogatory and a racial slur. And they know that nigga is an expression of friendship and affection.


Chance: Blacks must understand also that when they use the word nigga in public other ethnic groups also hear them. And yes, these other ethnic groups understand in which context blacks mean and use the word nigga. They know blacks use it as a term of affection and friendship. But at the sametime it still reminds people of the word nigger, the two words nigga and nigger can really never ever be separated why? Because the word nigger is the father of the word nigga. The two word travel together because nigger gave birth to nigga and they will forever be linked. If blacks use the word nigga then certain people from other ethnic groups will want to use the word nigger to insult a black person. This is true and sometime people from other ethnic group use the word nigger to insult blacks. So remember nigger is the father of nigga and the two will always be linked forever when one disappears the other will die also.   

By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance            





M.C. Hammer Is Not A Gangsta Rapper

By Chance, Chancellorfiles


Chance:  M.C. Hammer in a song titled full blast, dissed rappers Busta Rhymes and Eminem, seriously he has called them out and criticizing them.M.C. Hammer released the song Full Blast in 2004, M.C Hammer has said that he went no where and he was just sitting on the sidelines watching all the so called rappers.



M.C. Hammer (Photo)


Personally I don’t think he can hang with this new gangsta rap culture because M.C. Hammer is not that type of Rapper, he is an entertainer and dancer.

But not a gangster (gangsta) rapper – M.C. Hammer is setting himself up to get humiliated and embarrassed. He understands that gangsta style is what many people prefer in a rapper. That type of music sells so Hammer is trying to move in that direction of Gangsta rapper, he is not a gangsta rapper.


This will be his third comeback and I think if he keeps pursuing the gangsta rapper role and starting beefs (starting problems with other people, in this case rappers).

He is going to get humiliated because those rappers he is attacking will start talking about he washed up and belongs in the past with rappers of the 80s and early 90s.



Hammer is trying to be something (gangsta rapper) that he is not and it has shown that he is not a gangsta rapper or gangsta. I am sadden too that Hammer decided that he needed to start a verbal fight with two other rapper/hip hop performers so he could get some attention.

This proves that negativity is strong and it sells. Does this mean that Hammer sold out because he was a clean hip hop performer with no violent rapper lyrics? And now, he is imitating the behavior of those gangsta rappers.



I remember in the early 1990s when M.C. Hammer was so popular that even certain Gangsta (Gangster) rappers. Started calling him names and criticized him because Hammer was so famous. Those certain Gangsta rappers were famous also, but Hammer was more famous. But now 15 years later, it is Hammer, who has moved into the Gangsta rapper style of music and starting problems by name calling and insulting other rappers.



Life is strange is not how we end up becoming like the people we once disliked because of their negative behavior. I hope Hammer gets out of this Gangsta image thing because someone can get hurt or killed in gangsta rap life just look at tupac and biggie smalls. Both dead in behind name calling and insults (beefing). M.C. Hammer, you can do better by being yourself and you can create some new way of combining hip hop music and dancing.



Just look at Kayne west he combined hip hop music with R&B music and clothing fashion. And look how popular Kayne west is, also look at the Hip Hop group Outkast look at how they combined hip hop music with R&B and clothing Fashion. Hammer go do the same thing because this Gangsta image is not you. You have your own unique style, so Hammer go and polish your unique style and present it to the world of Music and Fans because you are unique.


Chance, Reflecting on Hip Hop Culture and Music





By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

Chance writes: Baggy clothes and Hip Hop are united like husband and wife before you criticize the baggy clothes style. You should first try to find out the origins this is what the thoughtful one’s do

The Origin Of Baggy Clothes In Hip-Hop And Gang Culture

By Chance, The Chancellorfiles

Chance: The baggy clothes style was started by black American crip and blood gang members.
It all started in the 1970’s at the Los Angeles county jail in Los Angeles, California.
When people got arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department and once they arrived at the Los Angeles County jail. The Los Angeles county sheriffs would take the inmates belts and shoe laces away. The reason for this procedure was because some inmates would use their belts and shoe laces to kill themselves. There were inmates who didn’t want to do time in jail or prison so they would commit suicide. So the Los Angeles County Sheriffs started taking belts and shoe laces away from all inmates.

Now some of the Black inmates were gang-members these black gang members were Crips and Bloods. When these black Crip and Blood gang-members were released from the Los Angeles County Jail and from the California prison system.

They remembered the way their pants would fall down because the sheriffs took away their belts; and their shoes were loose because of no shoe laces. Also, they remembered how they where given white-t shirts that were too big for some of them to wear. So these black gang-members kept the style that they got from jail and prison.

Example a black gang-member in Los Angeles who wore a 34inch waist in pants would buy a size 40 inch waist in pants. Also he might be a size large in shirt but he would buy 3x large t-shirt (triple x large). Because he remembered being locked up in jail and prison having no choice but to wear white-t-shirts and other shirts that were too big for him.

Chance: Also Hispanics Americans (Latinos) in California have been wearing white-t-shirts since the 1940s. These Hispanic Americans were called Chicanos (Hispanic of Mexican descent). The Hispanic gangs of California back in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s were called Pachucos. The Pachucos had their own neat and clean pants, shoes, zoot suits and shirts, Pachucos would sometimes wear white-t-shirts and white tank top t-shirts also. The Pachucos dressed very clean and neat – and they were Hispanic gang-members.

But the reason you see black gang-members wearing white-t-shirts is because a white-t-shirt was one of the shirts they were given to wear in jail and prison. When people saw black rappers on television, music videos, and album covers wearing baggy clothes.

That’s when people from all ethnic-groups started wearing baggy clothes. Baggy clothes are no long the sign of a GANG-MEMBER because people who enjoy HIP-HOP – and those who don’t like HIP-HOP wear BAGGY CLOTHES for fashion, not because they’re in gangs.

Also the fashion industry has been influenced by baggy clothes just look at some of the designs of the latest fashion clothing. Even today jails and prisons still give inmates white-t-shirts to wear as an under-shirt.


California Started The Baggy Clothes Style In General


Baggy clothes did not originate in New York cities Hip-Hop community, baggy clothes was introduced to Hip-Hop culture and gang life by Blacks from California. Also, Latinos who were called Pachucos wore their double pleated baggy dress pants back in the 1920s all the way to the late 1960s. And, in Califonia’s subculture Blacks and Hispanics were already wearing double pleated cottlers, Parachute pants, and lock pants.

The first New Yorkers to start wearing baggy clothes were the freestyle dances and Webo dancers this is how New York break dancers started wearing baggy clothes. Freestyle and webo dancers were New York break dancers. And then by the late 1980’s baggy clothes became more popular at hip Hop events in New York and the entire East coast.

The California and the West coast already had the baggy clothes style before the East coast. Black California gang members who became Hip Hop gangster rappers (gangsta) then started making video’s and more and more people of all ages saw the baggy clothes look that black gang members got from California’s jail’s and prison system.

So New York created the Hip Hop culture and California created the baggy clothes style and the two merged and united and came together to form one Hip Hop community.

Through Hip Hop and baggy fashion clothes (the baggy clothes) the East coast and West coast united young people of all racial groups and ethnic back grounds.
Hip Hop culture has done what politics and religion sometimes have a hard time doing and that is uniting people of all ethnicities, political, and religious back grounds.

Hip Hop is a culture

What is a culture made of?

1. Politics
2. Religion
3. Economics
4. Music
5. Clothes
6. Literature – books, poetry, educational and books on any subject.
7. Heritage
8. common experiences
9. Relationships – family, friends, casual acquaintances, husband and wife, boyfriend and girl friend, co-workers, etc.
10. Psychology
11. Language – a language can be a dialect or in metaphors or slang.
12. Ideas – Opinions and thoughts on any subject, situation and circumstance that many members of a particular culture find important to the members of their culture.
13. Foods
14. Written and unwritten – rules and codes of conduct on what to say and do and what not to say and do.
15. Philosophy- opinions about certain situations and circumstances in life also – opinions about certain intellectual, political, educational, and religious topics.
Also there are many other things that can make up culture but these are the major ones.

Hip Hop is the culture and music is a part of the Hip Hop culture, rap music is not culture rap music is a part of the Hip hop culture. And rap expresses the cultural and personal experiences of the rapper.


Eric Eazy-E wright is the God-Father And Founder Of Gangster Rap He Is The One Who Started It


Look at Gangsta rap (Gangster rap) it is the most popular music among all ethnic-group also rap music especially Gangsta Rap music is the most widely sold music on the planet. Now not all Rap music is Gangsta rap, some rap music is about relationships between male and female, some about life, some rap songs are about being aware of your culture, some rap music is about being intelligent and some rap music is about the gangsta life.

In the late 1970’s and up to the mid 1980s your Hip-Hop rappers like Run-Dmc, Ll Cool J, Dougie Fresh, Whodini, and many others were not gangsta rappers. They were Hip-Hop performers, entertainers and rappers but not gangsta rappers (Gangster rappers). Yes other music categories like Rock ‘n’ Roll, Classical, Country, and all the other musical categories sell millions of albums also. But Generally Hip-Hop Music and Gangsta Rap Music sell more albums than any-other musical category.

So as previously stated rap music currently is the number one most sold music on the planet and numbers don’t lie.
There are many reasons why rap music is the most WIDELY SOLD music in music store Retail and the most internet DOWNLOADED music on earth.

One of the major reasons is that people from all ethnic and racial groups buy it more people from all ethnic-groups also buy Rock’n’ Roll, Country, Classical, and all other musical categories. But they buy Rap music more than any-other. The Hip-Hop culture is open to all ethnic and racial groups. Also, people from other ethnic groups don’t feel like it’s a Black American cultural thing only.

Why? Because black people welcome all people from every ethnic background to their culture there-fore it becomes humanities culture. Someday the whole world will be united just like the Hip-Hop community is united by all ethnic groups. All ethnic groups united, representing one international-humanity just like the Hip-Hop community.

By chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance.



Chance writes: Black-American English is the second most spoken English in America. Black English is called Ebonics by Scholars and intellectuals. Black-American Ebonics is the result of Black Slaves and their descendants who had to learn how to speak the English language. The English language of their White slave Masters.

The Origins Of Black American English, Ebonics And History

By Chance Kelsey, The

CHANCE: Why are some people so critical of Ebonics? Now what is Ebonics? Ebonics is Black-American English or what some people call ghetto English, black slang or street English. But Ebonics didn’t come from the ghetto or streets of Black-America. Black English existed Three hundred years before the ghettos and the street life. Ebonics came from Black slaves whom had to learn English so they could communicate with their white slave Masters.

The word ebony means Black and phonics means sound, so the two words were combined and the word Ebonics was born. Ebonics means black sounds and Ebonics means black sound, symbolizing the type of English that many Black-Americans can speak.

This English is what many Black-Americans speak among themselves, just like many other people speak another language besides English inside their homes.

Also, if you go to London-England there are people who speak cockney English – and cockney English is not considered proper English by the British. When many Black-Americans go on job interviews, the overwhelming majority of them don’t start speaking Ebonics with their potential employers; they speak standard American English this is a fact.

Well some people and employers will say, they have seen and heard a Black-American speak Ebonics at a job interview. But those Black-Americans are the exception to the general rule.

The major reason why many people from other ethnic groups criticize Ebonics is because it is a sign of "change in America.” Many White-Americans see Ebonics (Black English) as Black-Americans coming into their own way of saying and expressing.

How they feel in their own verbal style of English – and this makes some White-Americans feel they no longer have supreme major control over the behavior of Black-Americans. It makes some white-Americans feel much more powerless now not all White-Americans feel this way, but some do.

Black Slaves From Africa And Learning English

CHANCE: When Africans were brought over to America as slaves, they did not speak English. They only spoke African “tribal languages" the majority of the slaves were sent to southern states.

The white "slave masters" themselves did not speak proper American English. And matter of fact, the majority of white people living in the southern states did not speak proper American Standard English either.

The first group of slaves from Africa, who made it to America – the majority of them never, learned English. But their children did and their children were bilingual. They spoke "English and the African tribal language" that their parents taught them.

Then the slave masters told them too only speak English, so the children of the African slaves when they became adults and had children. They only taught their children English because the white slave master had told them too only speak English. The grand-parents whom were brought from Africa to be slaves were now old, and could only speak the tribal languages – that they spoke back in Africa.

So some of the grand-children could not even communicate with their own grand-parents whom were living on the same slave plantation sad Huh? Now some grand children were secretively taught by their parents the old tribal language that there grand-parents spoke back in Africa. Some grand children learned a few words some learned how to speak the tribal language fluently.
But when the grand-parents generation died off the grand-children started teaching their children English only like the white slave masters demanded.

Also the whites living in the southern states passed a law that said, slaves are not allowed to be educated or taught how to read and write. If any white person was caught teaching a slave how to read or write, they could be arrested and put in jail. So the slaves were not taught proper American Standard English, also the white southern slave masters who could read and write, did not speak proper American Standard English themselves. The whites living down south taught black slaves pronounce their English words like them (whites).

And, we know that the English spoken in the southern states is considered improper American English. Even in our own modern times, the way Americans who live down south pronounce their words are considered incorrect by American grammar scholars. Also, the rest of America considers the English spoken in southern states incorrect and improper.

The Major Reasons Why Black-Americans Speak Black English (Ebonics)

Here are some reasons why Black-Americans speak Black English

1. The African slaves were slave immigrants and they and their children had to learn English; which was a foreign language to them.

When you try to learn a new language as an immigrant it is not easy just like immigrants who leave their countries today – and go to another country. They have to learn the language of that country if they really want to fit in.

2. The black slaves were not allowed to be taught how to read and write during the times of black slavery in America. Black slaves were not allowed to go to school and they were not allowed an education, and this was the law.

3. The white slave masters and white people in general living down south did not speak proper America English themselves. And many whites were educated and some whites were not educated – but that did not matter. The majority of whites living down south did not speak proper standard American English.

So if you can’t speak proper English yourself, the only English you can teach others to speak is the improper English you speak. Also, during the civil war between the North and the South
When General Robert E. Lee with his confederate troops invaded state of Pennsylvania. The people living in the state of Pennsylvania said the white southern confederate soldiers from the southern states. Spoke a type of English, which was difficult to understand. The northern people living in the northern states thought and felt that the white southern confederate troops spoke an improper and "awful" type of English.

Also the people in the north made fun of the way southern white people spoke English. And some scholars’ say that Black-American English (Ebonics) came from those small islands (Isle of Man and other small islands next to England) located next too Great Britain.

History scholars know, that many White-Americans in the southern states during the time of slavery. Descended from the Isle of Man and other small islands located next to England. Some white southerners descended from the white people of England also.
These white islanders spoke English that sounded different from white people living in the country of England. But they all spoke English, whether they were from the Isle of Man or the main land country of England.

Now the whites living down in the southern states did influence the way black slaves pronounced their English words. But if you observe the descendants of black slaves you can clearly hear and see – that the Black English they speak is not spoken by White-Americans. This Black English is a type of English, that White-Americans themselves publicly acknowledge (agree) that it came from Black-Americans.

When you hear a white person or another person from a certain minority ethnic group "speak" Ebonics. It simply means they have been listening to Black-Americans speak their type of English, and these people like what they hear nothing more. If you listen to White-Americans living in the southern states you can clearly listen to them speak and you will know; just from hearing them speak. That they are not speaking Ebonics some White-Americans will be offended if you say they are the ones who started Ebonics.

If White-Americans started Black English why would they be offended at their own thing? Some Black-Americans are ashamed of Black English, why? Because they see that many whites don’t like Black English.

Also, they feel whites will job discriminate against them or view them as inferior if they speak Ebonics. I say to those Black-Americans who feel this way. Why would you speak Ebonics to those certain types of white-Americans who feel uncomfortable with Ebonics?

And, why would you speak Black English to them in the first place unless you can intuitively sense they will understand or a least won’t be offended. You should only speak Ebonics (black-English) with Black-Americans and other people who understand Black English. Why speak a type of lingo to a person when they don’t understand you. You must be-aware of your surroundings, environment, and people around you. Other people who speak another language besides English only talk in that "foreign language" with people who understand it.
Also many people believe that Black-Americans who speak Black English, don’t Know how to speak Standard American English. The majority of the Black-Americans can speak ebonics and standard American English.

Often people see and hear Black-Americans speaking with fellow Black-Americans and they are speaking Ebonics. So based on this the hearers (listeners) from the other ethnic groups some of them "assume" that, the Black-Americans they hear speaking Ebonics only are able to speak Ebonics. That’s like hearing an American who learned French at a university, speak French to a French tourist who is visiting the United States of America. Then assuming that the American must only speak French and not English.
Do you see the lack of insight on the part of the assumers? Why do many Black-Americans speak Black English most of the time? Simply because they are around other Black-Americans who understand them.

Also, take serious notice of all the other non-white racial groups (colored ethnic groups or people who are not born white) and observe their children, teenagers, young adults in their 20s and 30s many of them can speak Ebonics or know and understand some of it.
Also many White-American children, teenagers, young adults in their 20s and 30s some of them can speak Ebonics or know and understand some of it.

When their mothers and fathers don’t understand a lot black English. This is not by coincidence either it comes from "imitation and admiration" and imitation that is unforced comes from love, admiration, enjoying, and wishing to be a part of what you see those people you admire do and say. Whether it is because of something positive or negative those people do or say the fact is you admire something about them. There is nothing wrong with expressing loving feelings towards another ethnic group’s general culture or their sub-culture we need to express more love towards our fellow humans.

Here Are Some Examples Of Ebonics Yea Check This Out!

1. What’s up meaning – hello, how are you, or tell me what is happen with a particular situation and circumstance or how is everything going in your life.

2. Mos def meaning – most definitely

3. Fissintu or Fissinto meaning – getting ready to do something, getting ready to go somewhere example I’m fissinto to go to sleep, I’m fissinto go to the store.

4. Poo meaning – Poor

5. Foo meaning – Fool

6. Massa meaning – Master

7. Hood meaning – Neighborhood whether it be a good neighborhood or bad neighborhood it doesn’t matter it is a hood.

8. Den meaning – Then.

9. Dem meaning – Them.

10. Nou meaning – Now.

11. Phat meaning – Fat.

12. Luv meaning – Love.

13. Ouaa meaning – Our.

14. Wen meaning – Went.

15. Playar or Playa meaning – Player He is a good basketball playa or playar. It could mean other things depending on what the conversation is about. A person could be a playa in any type of situation or circumstance.

16. Sto meaning – Store

17. Frien or fren meaning- Friend.

18. Gon meaning – Gone

19. Rollin meaning – Rolling.

20. Country grammar meaning – A person who has a southern accent when he or she speaks.

21. Hounaa (pronounced ounna) meaning – Honor.

22. Where u at meaning – Where are you.

23.Yall meaning – You all.

24. Over dere meaning – Over there.

25. Mauu meaning – Ma. Ma is short for mother.

26. Stree meaning – Street.

27. Blac meaning – Black.

28. Rainin meaning – Rainning.

29. Whit meaning – White.

30.Nam meaning – Name.

31.Yung meaning – young.

32. sittin meaning – sitting.

33. livin meaning – living.

34. Da bezt meaning – The best.

35. Lata (pronounced lada) meaning – later.

36. Brotha meaning – Brother.

37. Sista meaning – sister.

38. Callin meaning – Calling.

Ebonics Has Two Levels

Like all languages and dialects Ebonics has two sides (two levels) the first side is the pronunciation of words and spelling of words. The second side is called metaphors; another name for metaphors is slang.

Two levels (two sides) of Ebonics

1. Pronunciation of words and spelling of words.
2. metaphors (slang)

Now black slang is an offshoot of Ebonics but the two are different, now what are the differences?

1. Ebonics – has to do with the pronunciations of words and the spelling of words.

Example poor is pronounced poo so black English has to do with the pronunciation of words.

2. Slang – is using metaphors to substitute for the original name of something example kicks meaning shoes. Black-American slang is a part of Ebonics.

Ebonics is the general formal speech that is spoken in a general conversation and slang (metaphors) is used as a substitute for the original name of an object, situation, circumstance, person etc.

Here Are Some Examples Of Black Slang Peep this

1. Ghetto bird the bird meaning – Police helicopter

2. Wanksta meaning – a gangster or gang member who never progress – he is still where he started he never gets ahead he is worthless because he can’t produce and progress in the gang life style.

3. Rollin meaning – Driving a car or riding in a vehicle- it could be a bicycle, tricycle, roller skates, skate board and anything with wheels that can make you move especially a car or truck.

4. 411 OR Low down meaning – Information or knowledge about something or someone-it could be information about a person, place, thing, or situation and circumstance. Example what’s the latest low down> (information) about the war in Iraq.

5. Down low meaning – a man or woman who is an undercover bisexual, the man has sex with men but he likes women also and may have a girlfriend or wife and never tell her that he also has sex with men. A woman who likes both men and women sexually but she doesn’t tell her boyfriend or husband that she sleeps with women also. The expression down low use to mean keep what I said or told you a secret, but now it means a person who is secretively bi-sexual.

6. Fits meaning – Clothes example Observing his fits I can tell he isn’t rich.

7. Hurtin(ebonic spelling) English hurting meaning – in need of something- example He is hurtin (in need of) for money. It could also mean you are in pain pysically, mentally, emotionally, etc.

8. Dawg meaning – Friend example He is my best dawg.

9. Coolin meaning – Relaxing example I’m just sitting here with my wife just coolin.

10. Playa hata (hater) or Playar hata (hater) meaning – A jealous person example the scribes and pharisees where playa hating (jealous) on Jesus Christ because he had become a popular religious teacher. The scribes and Pharisees where playa haters (jealous people).

11. 5-0, one time, or popo these three names meaning – Police this is not talking about the number 50 this is talking about the number 5 and 0. But it is pronounced 5-0. one time and popo are other names that are used to refer to the police.

12. Jacket meaning – Record and Reputation example O.G. has a jacket (record and reputation) that says he is estranged from his wife and he is behind on his rent. David’s jacket (record and reputation) is he an outstanding young man and he is the manager of a. Department store he loves his wife and kids. Your jacket is everything that you have done in life both good and bad.

13. Slippin meaning – caught off guard or not alert.

14. Balla (ebonic spelling) Baller (American Standard English spelling) meaning – a person with money and a lot of material possessions.

15. Shot calla (ebonic spelling) Shot caller (American Standard English spelling) meaning – the leader who makes all of the decisions of for the group or the decision maker.

16. Homie also spelled homey meaning a close friend or close associate.

17. Sittin phat or sittin fat meaning – living wealthy got a lot of money, or doing well financially.

18. Frontin (fro-in ) meaning – Phony, Fake , fraud, facade, trying to be something you are not.

Here Are Some Examples of Ebonic Spellings Of Words And Numbers So Fresh and Unique!

1. 4 represents for.

2. U represents you.

3. Boyz represents Boys.

4. Mos represents Most.

5. Def represents Definite or Definitely

6. Lil represents little.

7. Gangsta represents Gangster.

8. Amerika represents America.

9. Starr represents Star.

10. Bezt represents Best.

11. Da represents the.

12. Nine-duce represents One year. Some people say nine-duce means 11 months because duce means two but nine-duce means one year not eleven months Example if you are in the month of January you don’t count January because you are currently in the month of January so it is automatically counted. You count February to December. It’s 9-2 (nine-duce) not ninety two. The numbers 9 and 2 a separate so you have nine-duce.

13. Prezident represents President

14. Cuz reprsents Cause. The word cuz can also represent a member of the notorious crip gang. When crip gang members see and greet each other they say what’s up cuz. How you doing the other gang member will say I’m doing alright cuz. But the word cuz represent the word cause-cuz is the ebonic spelling of the word cause just because a person says cuz it doesn’t mean he or she is a crip gang member.

15. Sho meaning Sure I’ll be at the music concert for sho (sure).

16. Crossroads or crossroad meaning Heaven or to meet someone who died before you in heaven or crossroad could mean when I see next time. Example my friend Ralph died and when I die I will meet him again on the crossroad (heaven). Crossroads could be the next time you see a person example Today is Friday I will see you next Tuesday. So Tuesday will be the crossroad meaning the next time you and I see and encounter each other.

17. Girlz meaning girls.

18. Sounds meaning Music, I’m listening to my sounds (music).

19. Nickel meaning 5 or $5.00 (five dollars) or it could mean 5 cents it all depends on the context.

20. Dime meaning 10 or $10.00 (ten dollars) or it could mean 10 cents it depends on the context.

21. Dub meaning 20 or $20.00 (twenty dollars) a Dub in general means $20.00

These are just some examples of Black English, also, observing American society we all can clearly see. That all ethnic groups have members whom are using both Black-American ebonics and standard American English especially the younger generatioon.
This is something that can’t be denied.

And there is nothing – That can be done to stop them because they are the future; they are the future politicians, doctors, police officers, lawyers, firemen, teachers, professors, scientist, and all other career fields.

Black-American influence and culture can be seen in television commercials, general television, Radio, sports, news, music, politics, and all other spheres of American life.

There is an old saying, that if you want to get even with someone or people then you just become successful. Black-Americans are progressing and becoming popular in American and in other countries.

We should all learn from one another, because all ethnic groups have something to offer one another when it comes to "culture." This is just a brief history of Black English also known as Ebonics I hope it was insightful.

Written during the 21st century by Chance (Chancellor)