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North Korea Spy Awaits Sentencing

By John M. Glionna and Youkyung Lee, Spe
cial to The Times (Los Angeles Times

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Won Jeong-hwa

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Flight of the dead: Suburban families move loved ones from Detroit cemeteries

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Do Americans Expect Their Business Leaders To Be White?

Chance writes: The reason many Americans regardless of their ethnic background expect their business leaders to be white is because currently — whites still make up the majority of business leaders in America. On top of that many white business leaders working as CEOs, managers, supervisors, and shift leaders do a good job. The white population is still the majority in America, and many of them attended and graduated form the universities with degrees.

They then go and get jobs, and just by whites being the majority in population they naturally produce more job applicants. At the sametime many whites do make good business leaders. So it’s natural for a non white to go to a job and expect to see a white employer because most of the time the employer is white.

There are many competent non white business leaders also; their numbers are just small because non whites do not make up the majority in the population.

Do Americans Expect Their Business Leaders To White? Study Says Yes

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008 by Melissa Lafsky blogs at


Anyone who’s turned on a TV or read a newspaper lately can’t help but notice that race is currently at the forefront of American politics. But the subtle biases operating in the current debate aren’t always obvious, or even visible on the surface. In one example of how embedded racial biases can play out, researchers at Duke, the University of Toronto, and Northwestern business schools found that Americans still overwhelmingly expect business leaders to be white, and rank white leaders as more effective than their minority counterparts.

The study’s data came from 943 undergraduate and graduate students, nearly all of whom had experience working for a company or corporation. They were given fictitious news reports and performance reviews from a fake company and then asked to guess the race of a set of CEOs, project leaders, and other employees described in the materials.

The participants overwhelmingly (up to 72 percent) guessed that the people in power were white, even when the students were told that the company was predominantly African American, Hispanic American, or Asian American. The same “presumption of whiteness” didn’t occur when the subjects assessed the less powerful and accomplished employees.

In experiments where the leader’s race was identified, white leaders were held to be a “better match” with “traditional leader expectations” than were minorities, even when the levels of achievement was the same for both. As a testament to the fact that subconscious bias can cross racial lines, the participants who identified themselves as racial minorities over-guessed whiteness as often as the Caucasian participants.

Prior research has showed that humans develop implicit beliefs about subjective questions like, “What should a leader look like?” and the depth and power of these beliefs in shaping our opinions can’t be overstated (”Not presidential,” anyone?). Identifying and examining these biases, and bringing them to the forefront now, may help us make choices in November that are based on logical reasoning and actual issues, as opposed to subconscious stereotypes.

Evictions, Loss Of Cars, Part Of L.A. Gang Crackdown

Chance writes: Mayor Antonio Villarigosa has released a new city law in Los Angeles, California that says if a Gang member commits a crime with a gun then the gangster will lose him car and be evicted from his apartment.

I assume that if the gang members name is on the rental agreement, then his whole family will be evicted too. The reason is because his name was on the rental agreement. If his name is not then maybe he will be asked to leave only.

The problem is identifying who is a gang member. A lot of what people call gang paraphernalia like certain ways of wearing clothes is also apart of the hip hop culture.
Baggy clothes, large T shirts and shirt, caps, hats, and shoes are apart of the hip hop culture.

Wearing these types of clothes does not mean you are a gang member. It is fashion. You have adults of all ethnic backgrounds in their twenties and thirties who dress this way. And, they are not gangsters.

If a person commits a crime with a gun that does not mean he or she is a gang member.
This city law was the result of a lot of frustration that has come about due to too many people in Los Angeles County being murdered by gang members with guns.

Law enforcement officials should do everything in their power to make sure a person is a gang member — before they take the person’s car and have them evicted from their apartment.

The new law went into effect July 1, 2008.


Evictions, Car Seizures Part of L.A. Gang Crackdown


Final Call, News Report , By Melanie Muhammad, Posted: Saturday, Jul 05, 2008

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was flanked by police Chief William Bratton and representatives from various local, state and federal agencies, when he unveiled a new gang and gun enforcement initiative aimed at stemming violence in the city.

“In order to permanently reduce gang violence, illegal firearms must be public enemy number one,” Mayor Villaraigosa said. “Today, we are taking aim at the worst offenders and empowering law enforcement with the tools to disarm our most violent street gangs,” he added.

According to LAPD statistics, last year 394 people were murdered and 78 percent were killed by a firearm.Of the nearly 400 people killed, approximately 58 percent were killed in gang-related violence, authorities said.A 27-page report outlining the initiative focuses its use of more aggressive tactics involving civil gang injunctions, stiffer gun penalties, a higher level of collaboration between varied law enforcement agencies and greater suppression efforts in designated “hot” zones.

The new measures, effective July 1, also impact driving and housing.

“If you engage in violent acts with guns, you’re not going to be allowed to drive a vehicle without that vehicle being seized,” Chief Bratton said during the press conference broadcast by a local ABC affiliate. “If you engage in violent acts with guns in Los Angeles as a gang member, we’re going to take your apartment, we’re going to kick your family out and we’re going to give you a new residence—and your residence will be a 12-by-8 cell with somebody you might not want to be in the cell with,” he added.Under this initiative, landlords will have greater power to evict anyone found using a gun within 1,000 feet of their residence.In addition, the city would have the right to seize vehicles used in gang-related crimes.

The mayor’s policies have caused concerns among civil libertarians and community leaders. Student Minister Tony Muhammad, of the Nation of Islam, raised questions about the new tactics.“We applaud him for going after vicious criminals with guns, but to punish a whole family? So you get rid of one problem and now you’re creating homelessness,” he said. “The innocent (will) get caught up with the guilty in their plans and it’s troublesome. Instead of going after criminals, they have criminalized an entire people.”

The Justice Policy Institute, a Washington D.C. think tank, issued a comprehensive report last year titled “Gang Wars: The Failure of Enforcement Tactics and the Need for Effective Public Safety Strategies” that provides support for Mr. Muhammad’s assertions. “Young men of color are disproportionately identified as gang members and targeted for surveillance, arrest, and incarceration, while Whites—who make up a significant share of gang members—rarely show up in accounts of gang enforcement efforts. The Los Angeles district attorney’s office found that close to half of Black males between the ages of 21 and 24 had been entered in the county’s gang database even though no one could credibly argue that all of these young men were current gang members,” the report said.

“I have asked the chief and others for a clear definition of a gang and I have yet to receive a response,” Mr. Muhammad said.“Is it a tattoo or dress code? Who are the gangs? The problem is that there is a broad stroke over our people and what they refer to as gang dress looks like everyday hip hop youth,” he added.“The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan came to Compton a few years ago and warned gang members that if they continued killing each other that God would use the enemy to whip them into submission. This initiative just might do that, so we have to work hard and warn the youth,” Mr. Muhammad said.


S Africa Chinese ‘become black’

Chinese activists say they also fought against apartheid

From The BBC International News

The High Court in South Africa has ruled that Chinese South Africans are to be reclassified as black people.

It made the order so that ethnic Chinese can benefit from government policies aimed at ending white domination in the private sector. The Chinese Association of South Africa took the government to court, saying its members had been discriminated against. An estimated 200,000 ethnic Chinese live in South Africa.


The association said their members often failed to qualify for business contracts and job promotions because they were regarded as whites. The association said Chinese South Africans had faced widespread discrimination during the years of apartheid when they had been classified as people of mixed race.


The BBC’s Mpho Lakaje in Johannesburg says the Broad-Based Economic Empowerment and the Employment Equity Acts were designed to eradicate the legacy of apartheid which left many black people impoverished. The laws give people classed as blacks, Indians and coloureds (mixed-race) employment and other economic benefits over other racial groups.


The Black Economic Employment concept was initiated by the governing ANC to help previously disadvantaged individuals – to start their own businesses or become part of existing companies – thus redressing the country’s historic inequalities. Whites still on top Our correspondent says the ruling provides clarity for corporations in South Africa on the rights of their Chinese staff – who were declared "coloured" under apartheid but are generally regarded as white today. An example cited in court papers includes an oil company that disqualified Chinese citizens from getting a slice of its biggest empowerment transaction to date.


The company says the group is not catered for in the Black Economic Empowerment codes. Another example includes a Chinese national who was refused an opportunity to buy shares from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange two years ago. None of the three government departments cited as respondents in the court case opposed the application.


A study released last month revealed that white South Africans still earn around 450% more than their black counterparts, 14 years after the end of apartheid. From BBC International news


S Africa Chinese ‘become become’

Women And Dating: Why Nice Guys Finish Last

There are many reasons why a nice guy finishes last — when it comes to getting the attention of a female he admires. Often many nice guys are too shy to speak up and ask a female for he phone number. They wait too long to ask, and by that time a guy who is less shy or a semi bad guy walks up and ask for her phone number.

The lady gives the guy he number. The nice guy is going crazy trying to figure how come the guy was not shy and afraid of being rejected. Why does a bad guy who seems to care less for a female, insensitive, semi rude, coarse personality, and unromantic often get a females attention and her phone number?

1. It is because he is less shy.

2. his personality gives the impression of excitement

3. He is not afraid of being told no by a female meaning he does not fear rejection.

4. He has a sense of humor and many nice guys come across lacking a sense of humor. Now not all so called bad guys have a sense of humor but many do.

5. He comes across as more masculine in personality.

6. He does not seem needy for the females’ attention as though she is his whole world. A needy man is often seen as weak in the eyes of women.

7. often he is more out going and extroverted.

8. There is a sense of mystery about him.

Many nice guys always come across as the problem solver when a woman they are interested in is in need. This often causes the nice guy to be put into the category of friend and nice guy. If you are not interested in a particular female then you don’t mind being put into the category of nice guy. Now if you are interested this is the category that you don’t want to end up in.

If you are interested in a female you should flirt a little with her too. Too many nice guys don’t flirt with the woman they are interested in — because they think she will not like it.
Nice guys often come across as weak, less masculine, less confident, and too shy.

Women like guys whom come across as confident, masculine, not needy, and sense of personality. Many cocky guys have this. There are men who are not cocky bad guys and are not nice guys either. They are in the middle of cocky bad guy and nice guy. They are the confident guys, a cocky bad guy is confident too but the confident guy is not bad nor cocky he is an easy going person. He is not too shy and boring like the nice guy, and he does not have the cocky personality of a bad guy.

The confident guy is alright.

Dating Secret Exposed: Why Nice Guys Finish Last

By April Masini Friday, Jun 20, 2008

Are you a nice guy who has always wondered why the cocky guy — the one who barely appears interested in the girl — is usually the one who gets the girl?

Have you suffered from hearing the words, "You’re a really nice guy, but I only like you as a friend," from a woman who you would do (or may, in fact, have already done) just about anything and everything for — only to turn around and watch her date (or even chase) a guy who treats her like she’s nothing special?

And are you stumped wondering why she would date a guy who treats her like that when she could have you who would treat her like a princess and give her everything she wants? Well, you better brace yourself because I’m going to tell you a couple of secrets that you might not want to hear.

First, "nice" equates with boring and predictable. Look up "nice" in the dictionary and you find: pleasant; agreeable; satisfactory. In other words, average — not exceptional, not exciting, and not sexy. I’ll bet you’ve never heard a woman say she didn’t want to date a guy because he was too confident, too passionate, or too exciting — have you? But, I’ll bet you have heard women say things like, "He’s such a nice guy. He’s so sweet and he’s always there for me, but I only like him as a friend." Or, "He’s such a good guy — kind, thoughtful, generous, honest, loyal — but there’s no chemistry. He just doesn’t turn me on." Sadly, I hear it all the time.


The fact is, Mr. Nice Guy, you cannot bore a woman into feeling attracted to you or into wanting to date you. And as obvious as that sounds, if you are one of those guys I described that is exactly what you are trying to do. And it won’t work.

Please understand that I am not suggesting that you mistreat women or disrespect them in any way.

What I suggesting is that you value and respect yourself more.

To illustrate what I mean: The answer to the question, "Why does the guy who doesn’t appear to care as much about the girl get the girl?" is simple: The nice guy cares too much, too soon. He has made the woman too important and too valuable and it shows in everything he says and does. He is too available, too eager to please, too accommodating, and he gives too much — all without getting anything in return. By doing so, he has made himself appear desperate, insecure, needy of this woman’s attention, affection, and approval — and he has stripped himself of any value in her eyes. After all, if he’s already doing and giving everything, without her doing or giving anything – why would she value him? She won’t. She is not going to value him any more than he values himself. What she is going to do is look for someone else, someone who she perceives as being more worthy, more confident, and more valuable.

It works like this:

Once you need something, or you want it too badly, you forfeit your strength and lose all power of negotiation. You are in a position of weakness and you are perceived as weak. Someone (or something) else is in control of you, the situation, and it’s outcome. Men in this situation appear to be anything but confident, strong, and exciting. More, they are perceived as being unworthy and as lacking value.
Translation: Things that are easily acquired, obtained, or maintained, without any effort or sacrifice, lack value… it’s human nature.

The secret to why the cocky guy wins with women, over the nice guy, is that he is perceived as being a stronger, more confident guy with more value. How? He never invests everything — his entire being, ego, and self-worth in what one woman’s response or reaction to him is. He doesn’t gush with compliments; he isn’t always available; he doesn’t give too much; and he knows he isn’t going to die if a woman says "no" to him. More, his attitude is, yeah, I’d like to go out with you, but if I can’t, that’s OK — I’m a busy guy, with exciting things going on, and lots of other options.


Starkeisha Brown (left) Krystal Matthews (right wearing a white shirt)


2 Women Arrested In ‘Unbearable Abuse’ Of 5-Year-Old Boy

By Ari B. Bloomekatz and Joel Rubin, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers
Sunday, June 15, 2008

The mother of a 5-year-old-boy and her live-in girlfriend have been arrested in connection with what authorities describe as "unbearable physical and psychological abuse" of the child, police said Saturday.

The mother, Starkeisha Brown, 24, turned herself in to the Los Angeles Police Department’s 77th Street Division station late Friday night after officers made a public plea for help in finding the women and released their pictures. Brown was being held without bail on charges of torture.

The other woman, Krystal Matthews, 21, was arrested Saturday by detectives when she showed up for her appointment at the county Department of Children and Family Services. She was being held on $100,000 bail on charges of willful harm or injury to a child.

Police said both women have a history of violence.

The boy, who was in guarded condition at a local hospital, was rescued Monday by a stranger who found him abandoned and called authorities.

On that same day, the two women had an appointment with the Department of Children and Family Services and had brought the healthy child of a mutual friend and tried to pass him off as Brown’s son.

Police said the women routinely beat the boy, forced him to put his hands on a hot stove, burned his body and genitals with cigarettes and often would not let him eat or drink.

At a news conference Friday, LAPD Assistant Chief Jim McDonnell said that because of the burns from the stove, the boy no longer can open his hands.

Lt. Vincent Neglia of the LAPD’s Abused Child Unit said in a statement Saturday that the abuse was "akin to a level of torture we hope our military personnel would never encounter."

Residents in the South Los Angeles neighborhood where the boy lived said Saturday that they were shocked to hear of the child’s treatment and disgusted by the abuse allegations against the mother and girlfriend.

"I never knew a parent could do something like this. It was just a shock," said Mary Williams, 68, who lives in an apartment complex adjacent to where neighbors said Brown and Matthews live in the 11000 block of Figueroa Street.

Williams’ 9-year-old grandson saw the boy often, and occasionally the two played together.

"How could you just do this and run off and leave him?" she said. "I hurt for that baby."

Another neighbor said, "If I [had known] anything, they would’ve been caught a long time ago."

The predominantly African American and Latino neighborhood is northwest of the intersection of the 110 and 105 freeways. The street scape is dominated by modest apartment complexes and single-story homes, auto body and machine shops, liquor stores and small motels. Across the street from the women’s home is Holy Rock Baptist Church and an Ultra Oil gas station.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the poverty rate in the neighborhood, in the 90061 ZIP Code, is nearly triple the national average, and about 10% of the population are homeowners.




Note: Makes you wonder why many whites are still living in Zimbabwe — when they know that it is dangerous for them. At the sametime when whites were in power, and controlled the country, they did the same thing to blacks. They murdered them, took black owned tribal lands, racially discriminated against blacks, beat them, etc etc. This is bad karma that has come home against whites. Even many innocent whites — suffer for the evil of their fellow whites.

William Rogers and his wife, Annette

Zimbabwe crisis: White Farming Couple Beaten And Kicked Off Land

David Blair, London Telegraph, June 4, 2008

A white farming couple was assaulted, whipped and shot at after they were given two minutes to leave their property in Zimbabwe.

William Rogers and his wife, Annette, were threatened by three Robert Mugabe supporters, who told them: “We are like hungry lions.”

Dozens of Zimbabwe’s last white farmers have suffered similar ordeals since Mr Mugabe lost the presidential election’s first round in March. Scores of black opposition supporters have been murdered and thousands beaten, abducted or tortured.

After defying the two-minute warning to leave, Mr and Mrs Rogers took refuge in their home on Chigwell farm. A gang of a dozen men soon gathered outside.

“They started smashing windows and the front door was smashed open,” said Mr Rogers. One of the men produced a gun and opened fire. “He fired a shot directly at us which went just over my head and close to my wife’s head,” said Mr Rogers. “He obviously intended to kill us.”

The couple retreated upstairs and listened, terrified, as the gang began heaping together a fire in their living room, using the wreckage of their back door.

“We thought we would be burnt alive, which is when I said that we would come out,” said Mr Rogers. He grabbed a shotgun and led his wife downstairs. The ringleader ordered him to hand over his weapon. Men seized Mrs Rogers and grabbed her by the throat.

Then the mob set upon both the farmer and his wife with sticks and pipes. “They dragged my wife outside and they were trying to strangle her,” said Mr Rogers. “She managed to bite the hand of the man who was grabbing her round the throat.

“He started to beat her. At one time, there were at least four men beating and kicking her.”

Bruised and bleeding, the couple were tied up and hurled into the back of a pickup. Finally, at least five hours after the first calls for help, the local police responded. Four armed officers freed Mr and Mrs Rogers, who were taken to Harare, the capital, for emergency treatment. They are now recovering.