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North Korea Spy Awaits Sentencing

By John M. Glionna and Youkyung Lee, Spe
cial to The Times (Los Angeles Times

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Won Jeong-hwa

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The new racial divide

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National Karma, Housing, And Gas

The price of houses continues to rise, and many people can’t pay their mortgages, and are loosing their homes to foreclosure. Many homes all over the country are too expensive for a lot of Americans. Many people do not make enough in wages to afford a good house because the cost of living has gone up but their wages have not.

Some have lost their jobs, due to layoffs, companies closing, companies merging with each other and cutting jobs, and terminations (got fired). The cost of gas continue to rise and it is, causing many to find other ways of traveling like riding the bus, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.

Many Americans are going to start sharing houses, condos, apartments, garages, etc with other families and people just to make ends meet.          

This is causing many Americans to stress. It is also making many Americans of various ethnic backgrounds equal. Now they all know what it is like to suffer financially (economically). No more looking down on certain Americans as being unable to make it and you are better than them. If the middle class of any country suffer economically the whole country will fill the effects of it. If the middle class goes, the country goes.

It will take the military to help get the county under control — because when people suffer economically they become more socially disruptive (civil unrest). They protest in front of certain political places and encourage violence sometimes.

I feel America is headed towards becoming more of a police state and will continue to have economic woes and problems. This will hurt the middle class even more, and will cause mass protest and someday civil unrest. Some Americans will be sent to prisons and jails because they will be branded political agitators.
Quran surah 17:16 — And when we (Allah) decide to destroy a village, we send a definite command to those who lead a life of luxury in it to commit lewdness, and thus the word of torment is justified against them. Then we destroy it with complete destruction.

Those who lead a life of luxury are the wealthy and the middle class people. When God wants to punish a county or town he allows them to follow the hidden thoughts in their minds and hearts of wanting to do lewd and sinful acts in life. The sinful acts manifest publicly and then certain types of behaviors become more acceptable in society causing further moral deterioration.

This creates bad karma for that country or town. All countries are going to receive their collective bad and good karma. When the economy does bad and people keep loosing their homes, and can’t keep up with cost of living to take care of their families, political agitation and civil unrest is guaranteed.       

The Capital City And Nuclear War

There is no doubt that there will be a third world war. Therefore, my recommendation is that people not live in the capital city of their country. The reason is, because when a war breaks out the capital cities will be the cities that will be targeted by nuclear weapons.

Washington D.C. America, Beijing-China, Moscow-Russia, Pyongyang-North Korea, Seoul-South Korea, London-England, Paris-France, Madrid-Spain, Jerusalem-Israel, Damascus-Syria, Saudi Arabia-Riyadh, Tehran-Iran, and other cities that are Capitols of various countries will be destroyed by nuclear weapons or weapons from enemy nations.

So therefore, you should try to avoid living in the capital city of your county if you can.
War is the continuation of politics in another form. The nuclear radiation will spread into other parts of the country and kill millions.  

Whatever you do avoid living in the capital city of your county — because the capital city is where your nation’s president, prime minister, dictator, and most powerful politicians live and work. So if you live their and there is war with a powerful country that has nuclear weapons move away from the capital.


Note: Makes you wonder why many whites are still living in Zimbabwe — when they know that it is dangerous for them. At the sametime when whites were in power, and controlled the country, they did the same thing to blacks. They murdered them, took black owned tribal lands, racially discriminated against blacks, beat them, etc etc. This is bad karma that has come home against whites. Even many innocent whites — suffer for the evil of their fellow whites.

William Rogers and his wife, Annette

Zimbabwe crisis: White Farming Couple Beaten And Kicked Off Land

David Blair, London Telegraph, June 4, 2008

A white farming couple was assaulted, whipped and shot at after they were given two minutes to leave their property in Zimbabwe.

William Rogers and his wife, Annette, were threatened by three Robert Mugabe supporters, who told them: “We are like hungry lions.”

Dozens of Zimbabwe’s last white farmers have suffered similar ordeals since Mr Mugabe lost the presidential election’s first round in March. Scores of black opposition supporters have been murdered and thousands beaten, abducted or tortured.

After defying the two-minute warning to leave, Mr and Mrs Rogers took refuge in their home on Chigwell farm. A gang of a dozen men soon gathered outside.

“They started smashing windows and the front door was smashed open,” said Mr Rogers. One of the men produced a gun and opened fire. “He fired a shot directly at us which went just over my head and close to my wife’s head,” said Mr Rogers. “He obviously intended to kill us.”

The couple retreated upstairs and listened, terrified, as the gang began heaping together a fire in their living room, using the wreckage of their back door.

“We thought we would be burnt alive, which is when I said that we would come out,” said Mr Rogers. He grabbed a shotgun and led his wife downstairs. The ringleader ordered him to hand over his weapon. Men seized Mrs Rogers and grabbed her by the throat.

Then the mob set upon both the farmer and his wife with sticks and pipes. “They dragged my wife outside and they were trying to strangle her,” said Mr Rogers. “She managed to bite the hand of the man who was grabbing her round the throat.

“He started to beat her. At one time, there were at least four men beating and kicking her.”

Bruised and bleeding, the couple were tied up and hurled into the back of a pickup. Finally, at least five hours after the first calls for help, the local police responded. Four armed officers freed Mr and Mrs Rogers, who were taken to Harare, the capital, for emergency treatment. They are now recovering.

Not ‘other,’ just black
By Erin Aubry Kaplan, 
February 29, 2008

Los Angeles Times (

The month of February saw one victory after another in the astonishing, historic ascent of Barack Obama as a presidential contender. It seemed like perfect timing to me — Obama marched steadily toward the ultimate political prize week after week during Black History Month. But that’s not an association people seem terribly eager to make.

In fact, the closer Obama gets to representing us all, the more people struggle with the notion of him as a black man — reflecting in growing detail America’s chronic schizophrenia about racial identity.

The question of race that has been raised repeatedly in Obama’s campaign is both straightforward and existential: Is he really black? Isn’t he really biracial? Or maybe post-racial, even nonracial? A writer for, analyzing a swing through Kansas during which Obama lauded the relatives on his white mother’s side, delved into why Obama wasn’t playing up that part of his heritage and embracing his "inner diversity"; "Can America elect a zebra?" the piece asked. Another admiring Salon article credited Obama for taking the path to a "post-racial destination" — but also for the bold move of "making himself black."

Such deconstruction speaks less to any new racial enlightenment than it does to old, deep-seated racial prejudice. The core of the resistance to seeing Obama as what he is — a black man — even among his supporters (or perhaps especially among his supporters) is an assumption that he is capable and successful because he is "other." Beneath the post-racial talk and the how-black-is-he speculation lies an antebellum belief that blackness is inherently limiting, while whiteness is inherently transcendent. (Blackness is, however, inherently good for style and "soaring" oratory, qualities the media have been quick to attribute to Obama.)

In the American racial caste system, the more refined and well-spoken a black person is, the more mixed that person is assumed to be. There is some hard historical truth to that: Better-off blacks were often clearly mixed race, the descendants of slave masters and other whites who consorted with black women and gave their children "white" privileges like schooling.

But that privilege only went so far. Modern discussions about race as a matter of personal choice, which have reached new heights with Obama mania, willfully ignore the fact that America has always treated its half-black citizens as simply black — and it still does. That means that although Obama or W.E.B. DuBois or Booker T. Washington may be lighter-skinned than, say, Jesse Jackson or Marcus Garvey, they are no more likely to be accepted as white.

Most African Americans are mixed with whites, thanks to miscegenation that’s been going on for centuries. My family, for instance, is Creole from New Orleans, a racial melange of black, European and American Indian that practically defines "other." But Creoles inspired not a sense of racial liberation but racial anxiety; determined to maintain the color line at all costs, whites enforced the "one-drop" rule and sent people like me to the back of the streetcar. Such has always been the social reality for blacks, whatever their degree of whiteness. If all African Americans declared ourselves multiracial today — 10% white, or 20% or 50% — that reality wouldn’t change one whit.

Some argue that focusing on Obama’s mixture exactly addresses this point — that it’s time to change an outdated paradigm. They say a big part of the hope and change Obama represents is an opportunity to upend the "one-drop" and redefine race altogether, to give America a fresh start. But such redefinition is not the politics of change; it’s the politics of forgetting. Casting Obama as post-black is pure symbolism that conveniently fuzzes the many race-specific problems — incarceration, joblessness — that affect masses of black men, many of whom look a heck of a lot like Obama.

Let’s face it, change is hard. It can be ugly. It’s not about conciliation but confrontation. And what must be confronted is Obama’s blackness, not his whiteness or some notion that he transcends race altogether. America should be able and willing to elect a black man to the White House, which might qualify as the biggest sea change — and no small reason for hope — in our political history.

We should be permanently retiring the one-drop rule, not by trumpeting a new multiculturalism or a new post-racialism but by acknowledging that it is indeed possible for somebody to be both unequivocally black and representative of other fellow Americans.

That’s a lesson that’s taken far too many election cycles to learn. Whatever happens with Obama’s campaign now, let’s hope it’s at least taught us that.

Erin Aubry Kaplan is a contributing editor to The Times’ Opinion pages.

 In The video a woman named Hu Ziwei confronts her cheating husband Zhang Bin. He is the one wearing the black suit with the glasses on.  

Hu Ziwei’s (wife) husband, Zhang Bin (husband), is a famous sports announcer. On Dec. 28, Zhang was hosting a press conference to announce the renaming of China’s Central TV “Sports Channel,” when Hu walked onto the stage, interrupting his speech. She took over Zhang’s microphone, and sobbed to the astounded audience, “I just learned two hours ago that Mr. Zhang Bin has kept an improper relationship with another woman.”

China, Economy, And Extramarital Affairs

By Chance Kelsey,

China has been a rising economic power since the 1980s, and currently China has one of the strongest and prosperous economies in the world. Many Chinese people have been lifted out of poverty due to the economic growth of the Chinese economy.

There are jobs available, more people going to university and graduating, new businesses being open, and importing exporting of goods, and along with the success of the Chinese economy has come a moral crises. The crises is that many married urban employed Chinese men have begun having extramarital affairs. Many Chinese wives have been emotional devastated after finding out there husbands have been unfaithful. The major contributor to these extra marital affairs is a successful economy and western culture that has influence china. Money brings mobility to afford more things in life, and this includes prostitutes and dating other women while you are still married.

Many Chinese men can now afford to take out their female lovers on dates, and still have enough money too pay bills and expenses in their family life (wife and kids). This is a growing problem in china but it is one of the by products of a successful economy. America, Canada, Europe, and the entire western world have been going through the same problem since the 1960s when their economies increased. Husbands and wives should focus on being faithful to the institution of marriage first. The reason I say this is because by your spouse can say something or behave in a way that can cause you to become unhappy with them.

This can influence you to become more comfortable seeking out or letting an affair manifest – because you are unhappy at the moment with your spouse. Now when you remember that one of the vows of the marriage is to be sexually faithful to your spouse this can help you remain faithful to your spouse.

Try your best to remain faithful to the principle of not committing sexual adultery. Men and women should try to be faithful to the institution of marriage, and by being faithful to the institution of marriage they become faithful to each other.  Continue Reading »

African American and Black American

By Chance Kelsey, 

Some mixed race people in the multiracial movement feel that there is a difference between the African American ethnic group and black race of America. They feel that the African American ethnic group is made up of mixed race people who are part black mixed with white, or part black mixed with other ethnic groups. And, they feel that the black American race is made up of monoracial blacks.  Continue Reading »

Barack Obama and His Bi racial Advantage

By Chance Kelsey,

Senator Barack Obama won the Iowa Caucus over Democratic Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Many blacks, whites, and non whites where shocked. Many thought Hillary Clinton would finish first. 

I have always felt that by Barack Obama being bi racial and acknowledging his white ancestry, and having been raised in white American culture has been his main asset. Obama also was raised in Indonesian culture, when he was a little boy he lived for a while in Indonesia. Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4th, 1961 to a white mother and a black father. Barack Obama’s father was from Kenya, and his name was Barack Obama (senior).

Obama’s mother sent him to live with her parents in Kansas City, Missouri for awhile when he was a little boy. He was basically raised in white culture, and combine that with the fact, that he lived and went to school in Indonesia as a kid for a short time makes Obama more of an internationalist in culture than an African American (black American) in culture.

Many people don’t want to admit the fact that the major reason that many white Americans feel comfortable and like Obama is because he is not an African American (black American) in culture. Obama does not come across as the angry black man who dislikes whites. Rev. Jesse Jackson ran for president in the early 1980s, and he did not generate a lot of support and affection among white democratic voters nor admiration from many white republicans, and lack of white support from among other whites who vote libertarian.

Now Rev. Jesse Jackson is a very popular civil rights activist, and many blacks like him and admire him. The reason Jackson did not generate the type of admiration from whites is because Jesse Jackson is a part of the old civil rights establishment from the 1960s. Many white conservatives view him as hostile and at odds with them. White Democratic voters knew that Jackson was not electable because he was guaranteed to lose if he ran against the republican nominee for president (Ronald Regan). Adding to that many white conservative republicans were against him because of his pro black civil rights activism.

Therefore, Jackson did not get the Democratic nomination to run for president. Al Sharpton ran for president in 2004, and like Jackson did not receive the democratic presidential nomination to represent the Democratic Party. Like Jackson, Sharpton was seen by white conservative republicans as hostile and pro black, and therefore Democrats knew that electing Sharpton would guarantee that many white conservatives would show up at the voting poll to vote against him. Jesse and Al are both Reverends (religious ministers), both are civil rights leaders, pro black, have caramel brown skin, leaders their own organizations, and are admired by many black Americans. Not all blacks admire them but many do.

Obama is very different he has no connection to black slaves because his mother is white and his father is from Kenya Africa. He was raised in white culture and Indonesian culture, he acknowledges that he is bi racial and respects his white ancestry, not hostile towards whites, does not come across as obsessed with being pro black only, comes across as being friendly to all ethnic groups, and he is a young and from a younger generations that has and continue to produce a lot bi racial kids.  

I feel that deep down many whites (not all) will accept a man with visible black ancestry but is mixed looking in phenotype if he or she acknowledges their European or mixed race ancestry. Claiming to be black only, in the minds of whites automatically puts you to a major degree in the category of black. Therefore, whites are not obligated to acknowledge and negotiate politically with people who are mixed race but have phenotypes stereotyped black.

Obama has visible black ancestry and caramel brown skin, and he is admired by many blacks, whites, and members of other ethic groups. The fact that many whites embrace and like Barack Obama shows that there is a unique link – that connects Obama in a way with white Americans, and in which no other major political figure with visible black ancestry has every connected with whites.

The missing link is publicly acknowledging you have white European ancestry. Many black politicians and civil rights leaders who have white ancestry like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Julian Bond, Adam Clayton Powell Jr. etc were forced to only live and claim black their first self identity or risk loosing the black vote, and influence they have among blacks.

Black politics currently still demand that you self identify as black only if you are going to seek the black vote or black influence. Obama is one of the few who has managed to stay in the middle.            

Light skin blacks, bi racials, and black America in general should acknowledge their mixed race ancestry. This will help gradually eliminate racial tensions. Whites have showed that they as a collective are willing to acknowledge mixed race people if the mixed race people acknowledge their European, Asian, native American, and other ancestries.

I predict another land mark that will manifest — will be the creation of a mixed race category or some category on the government census and job applications that acknowledge us mixed race people.   

Notice Obama is not a quadroon in phenotype, and this proves, you don’t have to look totally white in appearance to get acknowledged as a mixed race person.

Rise up my mixed race brethren and sisteren the future look bright for us. 

Written during the 21st century by your Chancellor (Chance)




 The four horsemen of the apocalypse


Chance writes: The book of revelation (the apocalypse of St John) is a book of prophecy, and it has very esoteric interpretations which are not easily understood by the average religious or non religious person of today. Often many religious teachers misinterpret many parts of this book also. The four horsemen of the sixth chapter of the book of revelation actually symbolizes war and the various racial groups that populate the planet.

 By Chance Kelsey,


 Four Horsemen In The Book Of Revelation

 (the apocalypse)


Revelation 6th Chapter verses 1-12


The White Horse


Verse 1. And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. 2. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer. 

    Commentary: The white horse represents the white race, the white race conquered many non-white countries all over the world. The bow represents weapons the white race used many weapons like cannons, guns, swords, etc when they conquered the world. Observe from the 16th century to 19th century whites used weapons to conquer other countries around the world. White countries even conquered other white countries and other colonies that belonged to other European white countries. England, France, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, and Denmark are white European countries that conquered other countries around the world.

The United States of America was conquered by whites and in world war two America (United States Of America) fought against Japan and Germany and defeated both countries and their allies. So the white horse represents the white race and this means any white person living in any country on the planet this includes Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and any other country that has whites. This verse is also talking about how White America continues to conquer the world by trying to spread America’s political power, culture, and influence into other countries. White America by doing this is keeping the conqueror tradition of their European forefather alive. 

               The Red Horse

  Rev 6: verse 3. And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see. 4. And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.  

 Commentary: The Red horse represents – The Native American Indians, The Native Americans are the red race, but the white race conquered them. Whites now have the red warrior blood of war in them just like the Native Americans had the red warrior blood of their forefathers in them. White Americans now have this red warrior characteristic inside of them. And power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, who is it that sits on top of the red horse and who is the rider of the red horse? The American government sits on top of and rides the red horse.

As stated the American government is the rider of the red horse. The government is a powerful system that governs the United States of America, and the American government will have wars with other foreign countries.  The great sword represents powerful weapons; the United States government has many powerful weapons that it will use to fight with other foreign countries. There will be no peace on earth because America and other countries will be fighting with each other and millions will die. The United States of America will very soon experience blackening of the sky over America due to nuclear bombs from China.

 These explosions will blacken the sun from view the citizens of America will howl with pain, fear, suffering, and dread. The storm is gathering itself in preparation for this event. The sky will be filled with pitch black clouds people of America will mourn, cry tears, death will be everywhere, and great tribulations will fall upon America. The United States of America will not survive let the winds blow and let the storms rise. “Oh yes” these tribulations will come to pass.

       The Black Horse

 Rev 6: verse 5. And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. 

  Commentary: The Black horse represents – The black race, all dark skin racial groups, and brown skin racial groups. The black horse also represents honest labor. Africans, Arabs, Mestizo Hispanics (Mestizo Hispanic are brown skinned), India and all of central Asia (Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc) and all brown skin and dark skin racial groups are   represented by the black horse. Many members of these black and brown racial groups work hard for their daily bread, many members of these racial groups are very poor and they have the highest amount of poverty in the world percentage wise. There is often a lot of famine (lack of food) among black and brown racial groups too.  

          Balance in hand represents slavery to unfair job trades as we know these darker racial groups are more exploited by employers than any other skin complexions. The black and brown racial groups have many of their members exploited with lower wages, longer hours with little pay, seldom get a pay raise, etc they are like slaves in chains bound to work hard and for little like a slave. But many of them work and bring home what money they can to their families. 

      Rev 6: Verse 6. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

  Commentary: The hard work that humans do by way of jobs to obtain their daily bread. All humans from all racial and ethnic groups have to work hard for a living so they can feed themselves and their families.  

 The Pale Horse (Yellow Horse)

 Rev 6: Verse 7. And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. 8.And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Commentary: The Pale horse represents – The Yellow race, the yellow race are the oriental Asians. The verse is talking specifically about the China the Chinese army is powerful and when world war three erupts China is going to kill millions of people. The war between the East and West will happen and the east will win, China and its allies will defeat America and its allies. The Chinese horse drags death and hell with him.

  This pale horse (yellow horse) is filled with anger and is furious and death, hell, and destruction are with him. The Chinese army is incredibly and terribly powerful china has all kinds of dangerous weapons and when China fights America and America’s military allies they will become afraid of China. America will have to use nuclear weapons on China and China’s allies because the Chinese army will have easily defeated America’s military. But China has nuclear weapons also, and is going to use them on America and America’s military allies. Russia will help America fight against the Chinese but China is going to destroy Russia also. The yellow horse is the most powerful of the four horses no one can beat the yellow horse when war erupts.

 China’s government is an angry and furious government and is going to destroy all countries that fight against. The Chinese, North Koreans, and Muslims will be allies against America and its allies. Due to the war many countries will have many of its citizens starve too death. And what little food is around people are going to fight and kill each other for it. Money will be worthless and yes China will be hit with nuclear atomic weapons by America but when the war is over China and its allies will be the winners. The East (China) will defeat the west (America and Europe). 

             Rev 6:12  And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun because black as sack cloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.

 Commentary: The radio active particles of the nuclear explosions will greatly alter the ozone layer of planet earth. Scientists already have proven that the earth’s ozone layer is not as thick as it used to be and more ultraviolet radiation from the sun is reaching the Earth. Over exposure to ultraviolet radiation, often referred to as “UV rays,” can cause skin cancer and other serious health effects. The nuclear explosions are going to release pandemonium on earth, and the ozone layer which acts like a filter to protect humans from the sun will no loner protect us from the sun because of the radio active particles from the nuclear atomic bombs.

 The radio active particles will finally destroy the ozone layer which is a filter that protects humans from the sun rays. When this filter becomes totally altered by the nuclear atomic explosions it will no longer classify and decompose the solar rays into light and fire. And because of this therefore, the result will be humans will see the sun turn black as a sack cloth of hair. Fear will be every where and some people will commit suicide great tribulations will on the earth. The nuclear atomic explosions will bring plagues, earthquakes, sea quakes, tidal waves, and terrible cataclysm. Calamities, Calamities, calamities, “Oh yes” let the THUNDER GROWL and let the FLOODS FLOW.  These trials and tribulations must come first in order for there to be peace on earth in a future day.


   By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)


Written during the 21st century by Chance

Black And Brown collision

(How white racism, hispanic jealousy of black machismo, politics, and economic factors play a role in why blacks are attacked by Latinos.)

By Chance Kelsey,

Chance: Latinos and blacks have been having serious tensions between them, many neighborhoods, towns, and cities that use to be predominantly black are now predominantly Latino or in process of becoming predominantly Latino. In California cities like Compton, Watts, and South Los Angeles Latinos are the majority – blacks use to be the majority in these very same cities.

There have been racial murders in many of these same California cities with Latinos committing most of the murders against blacks. Blacks commit fewer racial killings against Latinos when compared to how many blacks are killed by Latinos. My observation is that the Latinos who are Americanized commit most of the racial hate crimes and murders against blacks, and the Latinos who are immigrants only commit a smaller number of hate crimes and murders against blacks.

The Hispanics (Latinos) who are immigrants (legal or illegal) are the ones that are gaining jobs over blacks. Many employers prefer Hispanics as employees instead of blacks. Latino immigrants work for lower wages because they often are more uneducated , less skilled, speak limited english, live in poverty, and accept lower paying jobs out of necessity due to being unskilled and being immigrants. Many illegal Hispanic immigrants will work jobs even when the working conditions are very dangerous and unsafe. Latinos are affecting the jobs market, educational, and political arenas. Now that Latinos are the majority in certain neighborhoods and towns they often elect a Latinos to political offices.

This has caused blacks to lose a lot of political power. In the states of Texas, Florida, Colorado, Illinois, New York, New jersey, and many other States, towns, cities, neighborhoods Latinos are gaining political power due to the increase demographic changes. In Miami, Florida Cubans hold most of the political power, and blacks have no major political power in Miami — and this has left blacks neglected politically. Blacks and Latinos in Miami have had race riots and violence against each other.

The trend is continuing across the country between Latinos and blacks.

The Machismos

Chance: I feel that some of the racial violence against blacks at the hands of Latinos has to do with black machismo being viewed by Latinos as strong than Latino machismo. Black masculinity being viewed as stronger and more masculine than Latino masculinity. Hispanics often hide behind the jacket of racism when in reality it is, because of the jealousy of black masculinity (manliness). Many Hispanics who commit these hate crimes against blacks are gang members and they often imitate black sub culture.

This proves that they admire blacks, but commit the hate crimes out of some type of jealousy. When it comes to Hispanic immigrants they seldom commit hate crimes against blacks when compared to hsipanic Americans. Hispanic immigrant and black tension are economically based more so or less, and hispanic Americans acts of violence against blacks are heavily based up on jealousy of masculinity.

Blacks as a collective also, have stronger personalities than hsipanics as a collective, and the stronger personality always influence the weaker personality. Thus Latinos imitate blacks culturally and personality wise more than blacks imitate them. We shall see how the black and Latino conflicts play themselves out in the future.

 White Racism Plays A Role

White American racism has played a major role in why blacks are mistreated by Latinos, and other non white ethnic groups. When immigrants and non whites see how certain whites give a passive okay to social racism against blacks — this makes all non whites view blacks and insignificant.

 Institutionalized racism in American society is still alive and well, it is not as bad as it use to be, but it is still around. Whites are the majority still, and therefore, can impose too some degree their will on others ethnic groups. Blacks are a target by other non whites because it is secretively known that if you attack blacks with criticize or violence in America — whites will accept your ethnic group, and give you an honorary white status culturally. White racism plays a major role (helps) in keep blacks viewed in the eyes of other ethnic groups as an irrelevant and insignificant racial group, meaning it is alright to mistreat, discriminate against, and commit hate crimes and violence against blacks. White American rejection of black Americans has made life difficult for blacks when blacks interact with other non white ethnic groups. The non white ethnic groups view blacks as a rejected group, and feel no shame in mistreating them, white racism is heavily responsible for this. This rejection is also responsible for why the police, and many other people in society, and the job market feel comfortable mistreating blacks.

What karma we weave as individuals, countries, and ethnic groups for every reaction there is an equal reaction.


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Immigration Keeps Mexico from Social Unrest

Chance: Mexico is a very large country when it comes to land size; and it has the second largest population of people in Latin America. Brazil has the largest population of people in Latin America. Mexico has also the largest population of people out of all the in North American countries, only the United States Of America has more people. Mexico’s estimated population has been placed at 103,263,388 this makes Mexico the populous Spanish speaking country in the world. Mexico has a lot of political corruption, economic problems, many poorly educated people, poverty, crime, drug trafficking, and despair yet; despite all of these problems how come Mexico has not had civil social unrest?

The answer is immigration to America has kept the Mexican government form having to face social unrest that would lead to riots throughout the country. The economy is not doing well currently, and this puts pressure on young adults to find a way to make a living. The economic stagnation of the Mexican economy forces many young and middle age Mexicans to enter America legally and illegally.

They need jobs that the Mexican economy is not producing at high enough rates that would keep many of its citizens from immigrating to the U.S. often many women and children are forced to immigrate with their husbands to the U.S. (United States Of America) in search of economic opportunities. The children of these immigrants are given a better education in America, and they have a chance for a better future and life. When many of these people find jobs in America they send money back to Mexico to help their family members back their. It has been estimated that about $15 to $17 billion dollars are sent yearly to Mexico by Mexicans living in America.

Chance: This helps compensate for the lack of economic growth that Mexico is currently going through. One of the downsides to immigration to the U.S. is that some elderly people, women, and families with children are left behind while the fathers and young adults are in the U.S. working. Immigration has depopulated Mexico’s population to some degree too. This depopulation by way of Mexicans immigrating to America has kept Mexico from social civil unrest. If these same immigrants had stayed in Mexico they would have started to challenge the government because of political and corruption bad economy.

 This would have lead to riots in the various cities and towns — and a possible overthrow of certain Mexican politicians. Immigration helps keep Mexico from self destruction, and at the same time it puts some stress on the United States of America because the immigrant population has grown so large that there are often not enough resources to accommodate them. Plus more and more immigrants keep coming thus more stress of resources. Immigration is a temporary solution for Mexico’s social and economic problems for now – but I predict that Mexico will have social unrest and riots against its government and politicians in the future due to corruption and economic woes.

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Mayor Says Immigration Keeps Mexico From Social Unrest

Manuel Durán, Reforma (Mexico City), trans. by, Dec. 28 2004 

Inequality in Mexico has not resulted in social unrest due to, among other things, Mexicans immigrating abroad and the responsibility of citizens, said Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Mayor of Mexico City.

In agreeing with Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, on the need to change Mexico’s economic model before there is a civil conflict, López Obrador said that the only explanation for people in Mexico not having protested in light of more than 20 years of economic stagnation is because escape valves, such as immigration, have been found. (Note: López Obrador said this in response to a reporter who asked about recent statements by Cardinal Rivera, the Archbishop of Mexico, who warned of conceivable social disorder if changes are not made in Mexico’s economic model.) “But how else can one explain 20 years without economic growth, (with) jobs not being created, and political stability being maintained without having had social unrest?”

 López Obrador asked rhetorically. He explained that while the annual departure of 500,000 Mexicans to the U.S. is not what is best stability has been maintained. “That which is depopulating the country, that is leaving women, children and senior citizens in the towns because the younger people must leave, is not what is best. Of course that represents the failure of the economic policy,” López Obrador said during his morning press conference. The effects of migration are twofold, López Obrador said. On one hand the pressure is removed with regard to zero economic growth, and on the other those who are in the U.S. send about US$17 billion to Mexico annually. “That helps to reactivate the economy, but clearly it is not due to economic policy,” he explained.


Fenty And The New Mulatto Elite

Chance: Mayor Adrian M. Fenty is the current Mayor of Washington D.C. and he is a young man. Adrian M. Fenty is the sixth Mayor elected in Washington D.C. he started his term in office on January 2, 2007. He was born on December 7, 1970 to a black father and white mother. There has been some controversy surrounding Mayor Fenty due to his choice of appointees to various offices (positions) in Washington D.C. and this has made some blacks very unhappy. Out of the ten most powerful positions in the mayors cabinet five whites, three Asians, one

Hispanic, and just one black.

This has causes many blacks to feel that that Mayor Fenty feels that blacks can’t politically govern themselves and therefore, need whites and now even Asians over them. Long ago in America in the 19th century and early


20th century there was a group called mulattoes (sometimes spelled mulattos) these mulattoes were mixed with black and white.

The mulattoes were considered a totally separate group from blacks and whites. In the early part of the twentieth century the one drop blood also called the one drop rule said that anyone with one drop of black blood or black ancestry was to be considered a black person. The American government passed the one drop rule and mulattoes were forced to be labeled black and no longer labeled mulattoes.

Every since then blacks have always had a mulatto elite politically, educationally, intellectually and economically helping to guide them. Fenty is considered to be a part of the mixed race people therefore, a mulatto elite politician. Some blacks, whites, and even certain members of other ethnic group believe that blacks are incapable of governing themselves. Therefore, still in need of a mulatto elite and whites to help them. Do I believe that Fenty believe that blacks have a hard time cooperating with each other and in general governing themselves? The answer is yes.

 In general too many blacks often have a hard time respecting each other and cooperating politically and even socially with each other. Therefore, Fenty knowing this appointed nine non blacks and only one black, because whites, Asians, and Latinos in America in general often cooperate with each other, and therefore, are more than likely to corporate with Fenty. If blacks don’t want a half white elite (mulatto elite) over them then they should let the mixed race people who have black and white ancestry separate from the black race and go back to their own mixed race category (mulatto) the way it use to be in America.

Chance: But blacks don’t want all of that mixed looking blood to escape from the black race. And, this why many blacks get angry when someone with black ancestry claims to be mixed and don’t want to be labeled black only. Fenty made his choice and secretively we all know the reasons but under the conditions the reasons are justified too some degree.

Former Mayor Marion Barry was a four term Mayor of Washington D.C. and it was a career of corruptions, high crime rate, increased HIV and AIDS among blacks, out of wedlock births increased, poor (lower) school test scores buy many black children, and other social ills. Fenty remembers this, and he remembers the corruption that Marion Barry and some of his black appointed offices holds got caught up in. I will say this, if the voters are not happy with Adrian Fenty they will be able to vote him out when his first term expires.

 We shall see how this mulatto elite situation plays itself out in the politics of Washington D.C., Fenty could do a lot of good we will watch. Time will reveal.

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Haitians And Latino immigrants

By Chance Kelsey,

America does help Haiti financially and economically, and even tries to help keep the country from experiencing more political coups (over throws). Do you feel that America could do more to help Haiti the way that it helps other Caribbean islands like Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, etc? And do you think that it is right for America to turn Haitians fleeing Haiti in boats back towards Haiti — but seem to be very passive when letting illegal Hispanics from Mexico, south and central America enter illegally, and  do very little  to deter them?

Do you feel that racism to some degree plays a small part in Haitians being sent back to Haiti and illegal Latinos (Hispanics), not being forcibly sent back in large numbers to their countries? Both entered America illegally, but the Haitians often are under political threat of death if returned. Wherefore, many Latinos come for economic reasons, and Haitians come to America seeking political asylum and economic reasons. Do you feel that racism to some degree plays a role in the different treatment given by the American government? Haitians are black (majority of them) and the majority of illegal Latinos are mixed with white Spaniards and Native Indian ancestry (Aztec, Mayan, Inca, etc) this mixture makes many Latinos very brown and some even white looking. Do you feel that American whites may dislike illegal Latino immigrants but at the Samtime feel more comfortable with them because they look white to some degree?