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Starkeisha Brown (left) Krystal Matthews (right wearing a white shirt)


2 Women Arrested In ‘Unbearable Abuse’ Of 5-Year-Old Boy

By Ari B. Bloomekatz and Joel Rubin, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers
Sunday, June 15, 2008

The mother of a 5-year-old-boy and her live-in girlfriend have been arrested in connection with what authorities describe as "unbearable physical and psychological abuse" of the child, police said Saturday.

The mother, Starkeisha Brown, 24, turned herself in to the Los Angeles Police Department’s 77th Street Division station late Friday night after officers made a public plea for help in finding the women and released their pictures. Brown was being held without bail on charges of torture.

The other woman, Krystal Matthews, 21, was arrested Saturday by detectives when she showed up for her appointment at the county Department of Children and Family Services. She was being held on $100,000 bail on charges of willful harm or injury to a child.

Police said both women have a history of violence.

The boy, who was in guarded condition at a local hospital, was rescued Monday by a stranger who found him abandoned and called authorities.

On that same day, the two women had an appointment with the Department of Children and Family Services and had brought the healthy child of a mutual friend and tried to pass him off as Brown’s son.

Police said the women routinely beat the boy, forced him to put his hands on a hot stove, burned his body and genitals with cigarettes and often would not let him eat or drink.

At a news conference Friday, LAPD Assistant Chief Jim McDonnell said that because of the burns from the stove, the boy no longer can open his hands.

Lt. Vincent Neglia of the LAPD’s Abused Child Unit said in a statement Saturday that the abuse was "akin to a level of torture we hope our military personnel would never encounter."

Residents in the South Los Angeles neighborhood where the boy lived said Saturday that they were shocked to hear of the child’s treatment and disgusted by the abuse allegations against the mother and girlfriend.

"I never knew a parent could do something like this. It was just a shock," said Mary Williams, 68, who lives in an apartment complex adjacent to where neighbors said Brown and Matthews live in the 11000 block of Figueroa Street.

Williams’ 9-year-old grandson saw the boy often, and occasionally the two played together.

"How could you just do this and run off and leave him?" she said. "I hurt for that baby."

Another neighbor said, "If I [had known] anything, they would’ve been caught a long time ago."

The predominantly African American and Latino neighborhood is northwest of the intersection of the 110 and 105 freeways. The street scape is dominated by modest apartment complexes and single-story homes, auto body and machine shops, liquor stores and small motels. Across the street from the women’s home is Holy Rock Baptist Church and an Ultra Oil gas station.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the poverty rate in the neighborhood, in the 90061 ZIP Code, is nearly triple the national average, and about 10% of the population are homeowners.



WASHINGTON (AFP) – A swab, a consent form, an envelope and a waiting period of three to five business days is all there is to settling paternity issues with the test kit that went on sale Wednesday at some US drug stores.

Identigene, which runs a DNA testing laboratory, said its DNA Paternity Test Collection Kit went on sale at the 4,363 Rite Aid drug stores throughout the United States, except New York.

The swab in the kit is used to collect a saliva sample, to be mailed to the Identigene laboratory for an analysis that costs additional 119 dollars.

It takes three to five business days to get the test results, which are delivered by mail, email, or online through a secured Web service.

The paternity test kit is already a hit in California, Washington and Oregon states, where they have been selling on a trial basis since November, Identigene said.

"Demand has been very strong, store sales are brisk and Identigene has been inundated with questions regarding the product’s availability," it said in a statement.

Test kit buyers include women who want to know the identity of father of their child — or unborn child — as well as people looking for their parents.

Sold without prescription, the paternity kits are not allowed as evidence in court, where more precise and costly DNA tests are required.

Why Is Porn Legal And Prostitution Illegal?

Currently prostitution is illegal in the majority of counties throughout America with the exception of a few counties located in the state of Nevada. However, pornography is filmed and sold legally. As long as it is not child porn the manufacturer is selling.

Adult porn is perfectly alright to manufacture and sell, and the only major problem to worry about is taxes. As long as government taxes are paid the porn production companies have nothing to worry about.  The prostitutes on the street are not controlled by the business laws so the money they make is not taxable. It is not taxable — because the profession of prostitution in the counties they work in is still illegal.

The men who buy the services of these women are not being taxed either. On top of that there are men who go to male prostitutes and women who have sex with female prostitutes, and not body is paying taxes to the government. I feel that part of it has to do with morality. If the collective morality level of Americans sunk to such a low level — there would be enough of them who would have no objections to legalized prostitution.

The government would allow each state to legalize prostitution. Just like those few counties in the state of Nevada — where prostitution is legal as long as she has her professional prostitution license which is issued by the county. Americans can stomach watching pornography, but have not sunk to the level of feeling comfortable letting each state legalize prostitution in all of their counties.   

Imagine the infidelities on the part of husbands and boyfriends. Also homosexual and lesbian prostitution will eventually be legalized too. There will be fewer marriages taking place also, because sexual morality will become so irrelevant.   Sexually transmitted diseases would increase, and spread throughout society.

HIV and AIDS will be transmitted to more people, and new sexual diseases be discovered due to sexual promiscuity and misconduct. It would lead to men and women viewing sex as just gratification of lust only, because they see prostitution legalized everywhere thus cheapening the bond between male and female relationship.   More children would be born out of wedlock because men and women would just have sex — and fathers will feel no attachment to their children. In some cases the mother would leave the kids with the father, and she will never take care of them. Legalizing prostitution in any country would destroy the moral back bone of that nation.        

  Why Whites Prefer Asians  


By Chance Kelsey,  


Blacks as a collective have lower IQs than whites and Asians, but blacks are more masculine than both whites and Asians. Blacks produce more testosterone than whites, whites produce more testosterone than Asians. It is also, a medically proven fact that black women produce more testosterone than white women, and white women produce more testosterone asian women.  

The more testosterone you produce the more masculine, stronger personality, deeper voice, more muscle mass, taller in height, a presence that command respect, more sexually active, larger genital, more courage, braver, less fear, a type of charm, and a more extroverted personality.  Whites producing more testosterone than Eastern Asians (the orient) therefore, have all of the above mentioned qualities (more masculine, stronger personality, deeper voice, more muscle mass, taller in height, a presence that command respect, more sexually active, a type of charm, and a more extroverted personality) more developed than Asians. But blacks as a collective have all of these characteristics more developed than whites.   


(black women produce "moderately, but significantly" more testosterone than white women  — Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 1996; 81: 1108). 

(Black men produce significantly more testosterone than white men Journal of the National Cancer Institute 1986; 76: 45) and (black women produce "moderately, but significantly" more testosterone than white women Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 1996; 81: 1108).

The result is, that white men feel more comfortable in the presence of Asian men because they know that they (white men) are stronger physically, stronger personalities, stronger command presence, and more extroverted. The average Asian man is less threatening and physically is less masculine in appearance. White men know that they can run the show and seldom will Asians men argue and oppose them.  

Research studies have been done dealing with why many Asian women prefer white men. White men are seen as less demanding, more appreciative, better looking due to white men coming in variety of looks, higher status of being married to a white man, more extroverted personality, etc these qualities make a white man more appealing to some Asians women.   Whites complement Asians on their intelligence but you can be intelligent but still not be in control. When compared to the IQ intelligence of the Asian white men make up for what they lack in IQ buy exerting their masculinity, extrovertism, and personalities. 

The masculinity, extrovertism, personalities, and other characteristics that white men have trumps the higher IQs of Eastern Asian men. The masculinity of black men trumps the masculinity  of white men, and white men often are intimidated by the stronger personalities, and command presence of black men. Black men who are masculine, intelligent, and educated have the best of worlds. Now I do understand  that sometimes IQ trumps masculinity it all depends on the situation. Testosterone production is genetically based the more of it the better. It is only when one give way to sexual misconduct that then too much testosterone  production can become destructive in society. As long as one has self control one will reap the rewards. 


 Estrogen And Asians    


In genetic science it is a known fact, that Asian women and men also produce more estrogen than whites, blacks and other ethnic groups. Estrogen gives Asians their smooth, nearly hairless skin (for those who aren’t mixed with whites). It also explains their cultural collective consciousness for getting along for the greater good of their people. The high levels of estrogen also explains why asian women look more feminine than manuy women from other racial groups, and why asian men look more feminine than men from other racial groups. This looking more feminine plays a role in why many Asian women prefer white men, because white men look more masculine due to a higher tesstorone production. Asians also, when they get older still look younger than their age. Example an 60 year old Asian man looks 42 years old. 


This higher estrogen production is the major reason why Asians are more reserved and   introverted. Females produce more estrogen than men and men produce more tesoterone than women. The more estrogen the more feminine, and the more testoterone the masculine. Therefore, when men from other ethnic groups encounter asian men they seem to view asian men as less masculine in peronality and appreance.   There are asian men who are the exception to the general rule. It appears that msculinity trumps higher IQs in popularity to some degree among humans. Genetic science has helped expalin the difference between racial groups when it comes to masculinity, femininity, and human behavior.  


The various types of food that many east Asian men and women eat often contains (have) soy. The Soy diet that asian men and asian women have helps protect them from prostate cancer, and increases the estrogen levels in Asian men and women.     


 estrogen, soy Diet, and Asian men By: Maureen Williams ND, Men benefit from Soy, Too Quote: Soy is rich in

estrogen-like plant chemicals,    




By Chance Kelsey,

An 11 year old Aborigine boy in Australia forced two girls to have sex with him and infected both girls with a sexually transmitted disease. It is believed that one girl is five and the other six. The question now is, how did the 11 year old boy get a sexually transmitted disease? He got it obviously from having sex with someone, whether it was another kid or an adult who infected him. Australian authorities have been dealing with many cases of aborigine men raping aborigine children and females. Enforcing law and order is very difficult for the authorities because many aborigines live in their own little communities and towns far way from major cities.  Australian law enforcement authorities did not press charges on the 11 year old, they felt it was more of a health issues than a criminal issue. The boy is being treated for his STD (sexually transmitted disease).  
11-year-old boy gave STD to young girls

By Tony Barrass

Monday, July 23, 2007 01:15am
AN 11-year-old boy forced two pre-school-aged girls to have sex with him, infected them with sexually transmitted diseases, but will not be prosecuted by Western Australian authorities.
Police yesterday confirmed that criminal charges would not be laid against the boy from Balgo, a troubled indigenous community in the northeastern reaches of the Great Sandy Desert 100km from the Northern Territory border, despite his being above the age of criminal responsibility under state law.
Although the incident is part of a continuing investigation, senior police have decided to treat the issue as a health matter, not a criminal one.

The Australian also understands the offender was never removed from the remote community, but was warned by a court not to go near his victims, believed to be aged five and six, and several other vulnerable youngsters.
Balgo’s Palyalatju Maparnpa Health Committee chief executive Christopher Cresp said the realities of outback life and the disjointed inter-agency response to such issues meant the boy could remain a danger to young girls in the area.

"If you’re asking me if there are workable, practical steps in place to make sure this boy and others like him don’t do this again, I must honestly say no," Mr Cresp said.
Nineteen Aboriginal men and juveniles have been charged with 39 child sex offences in just two weeks as police move methodically across the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia in a major police blitz against rampant abuse in Aboriginal communities. In February, another 15 men from the remote Kalumburu community, in the far north of the state, were charged with 103 offences.

As public concern deepened, the federal Government offered to replicate for Western Australia the package of support it had imposed on the Northern Territory, including army support, but the offer was flatly rejected by the Carpenter Government. Acting Premier Eric Ripper said last week he wanted financial support, federal police and Medicare-funded doctors, but not the army.

The revelation about the 11-year-old Balgo boy highlights the difficulties police, health workers and child protection officers face trying to uncover the extent of child sex abuse in communities such as Halls Creek and Kalumburu. Aboriginal children are sexually active at an early age and detectives were trying to separate clear criminal conduct from consensual sexual activity among minors to determine which cases could be successfully prosecuted.

Kimberley Inspector Paul LaSpina was reluctant to discuss the Balgo matter, but confirmed the investigation was continuing. He said senior police had the discretion to prosecute and although the boy was older than 10 and criminally responsible under law, those who had examined the case believed it would be better handled as a health issue and it was in the public interest to do so. He refused to elaborate.

The Australian understands the incident happened late last year.

Detective Tom Mills, who is heading the Halls Creek investigation, said there were often mitigating circumstances that were not apparent when such a decision was made.

Mr Cresp said court orders meant nothing unless they were enforced.
"Out here, quite often that responsibility rests with the family of the offender, and I can say with some authority that many families are in no position to enforce these orders," he said.
"And to warn someone of that age that they are not to go near someone else in a community this size is a nonsense. Many kids just don’t see any problem with this sort of sexual behaviour."

Inter-agency and government responses to many issues facing remote communities were achieving little, Mr Cresp said. This would affect the boy’s rehabilitation.
"Apart from the obvious question of why someone so young had an STD to pass on in the first place, what happens when he goes off with his family to another town and doesn’t finish his treatment?" he said.
"It’s carried on into adolescence and the problem as a whole just never goes away."

Black Women, White men, And Wishing For Mixed Race Children (Mulatto Children)

(interracial relationships between white men and black women who have bi racial children, but refuse to recognize mulattoes as a separate group — but they want their bi racial children labeled non black)


Chance writes: This essay does not apply to all black women who are married to white men. It only applies to black females who fit this psychological and behavioral description. This essay is based upon my observations and experience of a certain type of black women who marry white men. There are certain women from other ethnic groups who fit this description also. This essay is not an attack on black women who marry white men and date men from other ethnic groups inter racially.

There are many wonderful interracial relationships between black women and men from other ethnic. This essay is not about men or women from other ethnic groups, it is about a particular type of black female who marries a white man, and end up bitter, negative, rude, angry, resentful, and revengeful.

By Chance Kelsey,

 I would recommend that many black women go marry white men and non black men, this would help out mulattoes who have some black ancestry, because out of fear a white man will not on average follow the one drop blood rule because he does not want his bi racial (mulatto) child mistreated.

A black woman married to a white man would be more interested in having her child labeled bi racial and mixed instead of black only, because she does not want her child to go through the degradation of being treated like a black person in America. She remembers all of the humiliation and pain that she went and stills goes through because she is black. One thing I find interesting though is this, these same black women (who are married to white men) see mulattoes, light skins, Mgm (multigenerational mixed), and bi racials (when the black woman does not know that the FGM (first generational mix (mulatto)) is a biracial) as black people who are just mixed with white and some other non white ethnic group. In other words they still labeled these people black and nothing but blacks with admixtures and light skin but still just black.

Then they want too argue with mulattoes and light skins by saying you all just want to deny your blackness and are filled with self hatred. But when they have bi racial kids with white men they don’t want these bi racial kids labeled black only, but want multigenerational mulattoes and light skins labeled black under the one drop blood rule. And, don’t want their bi racial kids labeled black under the one drop blood rule. She (black woman) sees some light skin man who is 25 years old with visible signs of black ancestry, and then she says to her self this person is just a light skin black person (she just applied the one drop blood rule).

The reality is, the young light skin man has a white father and black mother, but this black woman just labeled him a simple member of the black race of America. She then says to herself black men are worthless, irresponsible, inferior, sexually unfaithful, abusive, and negative. Now when she has children with her white husband she doesn’t want them seen as simply light skin blacks, she wants them seen anything but black.

She wants them treated and seen as bi racial. Yet, she denies the same opportunity to be seen as mixed to multigenerational mixed and light skins MGM stands for Multigenerational mulatto or multigenerational mix etc.

 The same black woman goes into the super market and she sees another light skin mixed man who has visible signs of black ancestry and white ancestry. She says, to her self he is a black man who is just light skin. Now this light skin mixed man is mgm (multigenerational mulatto or multigenerational mix), she can not tell the difference between an mgm and bi racial person (fgm first generational mix) she labeled both men light skin black. Also, she view them as being apart of the inferior worthless type of black men who have failed black woman and Black America.

The reality is this, the mgm and bi racial (fgm) have been labeled black under the one drop blood rule, and therefore, to some degree their destiny has been chosen for them unfortunately. In the case of mutigenerational mulatto (mix) most of them have been forced to live and be raised generation after generation in black culture and black sub culture. Therefore, they have picked up many of the bad negative habits and attitudes of black America. Then many of the bi racials even when they are raised in a white neighborhood (what ever neighborhood their non black fathers ethnic group live in) they still assimilate a lot of black culture and black sub culture. The reason once again in both cases of Mgm and Fgm (bi racials) is the one drop blood rule.

The one drop blood rule makes sure that no matter who you are if you have visible black ancestry and are not Latino you will be labeled black. Observe this, when an Asian woman and a white man have children many of their kids Identify as white, and white society accepts them as white to some degree. The actor Keanu Reeves has a Chinese American father and his mother is white and Keanu Reeves is accepted as white. But a child who has an Asian mother and black father will be seen as bi racial but at the sametime will be seen as black mainly because of the one drop blood rule.

The point is that many black women in my opinion admire light skin mulattoes (mulattos) because they carry a lot of white ancestry. They don’t want the mulattoes, light skins, mgm, Fgm, and bi racials to leave the black American race (unless it is their own bi racial children) because of jealousy, anger at the white race, self hate, sexually attracted to light skin men, not wanting to be left with dark skin black men and caramel skin black men, wishing they were light skin, and many other reasons.

 The mixed ones (mulattoes) are trying to move foreword towards becoming legally (law) recognized as being a separate group from black Americans, and after this recognition mulattoes will move towards becoming white. In order for mulattoes to reach the level of white in America, they have to become recognized as a separate group from blacks first. Then move on into whiteness the way Asians, Latinos, and other ethnic groups have.

Some of these black women when the marriages between them and white men end in divorce become bitter and resentful. Divorce is a painful thing to go through, and some people are never able to mentally bounce back from a divorce. Example a black woman who get a divorce from her white husband turns around and now tell her two mixed blooded children that they are now black children. She teaches then that they are black and are not to say they are white. By doing this she is enforcing the one drop blood rule; she wants her two kids to feel all of the self hate and jealous she has about being born a black woman. She says to herself why should my two biracial children have it better than me? She teaches them to hate their white father and hate white people, and this adds to the confusion because the biracial children can see that they are mixed with white. The black mother secretively wish she was a light skin mixed looking woman, but she is resentful because she was born dark skin or caramel skin black. This shows too that she is jealous of light skin women who have some black ancestry. But the angry teachings back fire the biracial children when they grow up star to want to remain separate from blacks, these two children now adults want there to be a third ethnic category where they and those like them can be labeled separate from whites and blacks. The young adult biracials remember how hard it was growing up with an angry resentful black mother, and how they were mistreated by blacks because they showed visible sign of having a lot of white ancestry.

This will also cause more interracial marriages among mulattoes, Asians, Whites, and others. This will help the white race become brown and a mulatto type ethnic group, and being white will mean nothing special anymore. White supremacists will loose total power. These black women married to white men who want to keep mulattoes in the black race — fail to understand that, mulattoes who are trying to free themselves from the black race, and have third category (that will be a transition category that will lead to being labeled and accepted as white down the road) are also helping out the bi racial kids that these black women and white men have.

Not letting mulattoes go and wanting them to remain black only, verifies in some peoples mind that many blacks dislike being born black, jealous of mulattoes and light skins, feel oppressed and want mulattoes to go down in the trash dumpster with them, and many other embarrassing reasons. Mulattoes move on towards whiteness heck you’re already mixed with European anyway. White men you are going to recognize us as your half brothers and sisters (mulattoes).

 By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance kelsey.




Black People, Babies, And Breakups

By Chance Kelsey,

 Chance: I have taken notice of a trend among blacks in America and blacks living in other countries, and that is, why is it that when a black woman or girl have a baby with a black male the relationship breaks up (end)? I have seen this all my life; it makes you wonder if blacks are a racial group that repopulates themselves out of sexual promiscuity. Based upon all rational observations it is definitely true that in America, Caribbean, many parts of Africa, Canada, South and Central America, and Europe where blacks live you will find this to be a reality. Cultures can’t explain all of this because blacks living in various parts of the world have different cultures – yet all black populations have this characteristic of relationships breakup after a baby is born.

Whether blacks are educated, uneducated, employed, unemployed, ghetto poor, middle class, or rich you clearly can see that this is a problem among theme regardless of economic status. Teenage black girls have this same situation when the baby is born the boyfriend often does nothing for the baby he leaves and goes to another. It is very normal to say to ones self that if the two blacks are not married when the child is born there will be a breakup. Now some don’t breakup they stay together, and you have some who breakup but the father and mother still cooperate with each other for the babies best interest (father provides for the baby). Most of all it is really not about being married what matters more is whether or not the child will be taken care of. There are some wonderful dads who take care of their children even though they are not with the mothers of their children. This I say counts more than marriage if the kids are already born.    

Reasons Why Black Men Leave When A baby Is Born  

1. Sub culture that continues to socially institutionalize this out of wedlock and don’t take of the kid behavior among black men. 
2. Father and Mother not getting along.
3. Lack of money.
4. He was just with her for sex and the baby was just a byproduct of that situation.
5. Mother and Father were just with each other for sex only, and baby was just natural result even though they did not plan to have a child.
6. Black males don’t in general trust black females because they have noticed — that too many of them are sexually promiscuous, just like many black men are sexually promiscuous.
7. Genetic – blacks produce more testosterone than any other ethnic group, and the more testosterone you produce the more you sexually active you want to be. Even if you don’t act upon the urge to go have sex you still have the feelings.
8. Too many black woman and men have disagreeable attitudes and negative dispositions so, they date each other but don’t feel like getting married because then they will have to deal with each others negative attitudes.
9. A baby is like a marriage and many black men don’t want to be attached to the black woman they have a out of wedlock kid with — because the kid is like a binding cord that says you must deal with the mother also even if you don’t want to.      
10. Too many black women are sexually easy to have sex with and they put no demands on the black man. So black men don’t feel pressure that would turn into obligations to respect black women and take care of the children.
11. Black men just enjoy their freedom of not be obligated to a female. No commitment, no responsibility, no marriage, no financial obligation to take care of the black woman, etc many black men enjoy this type of freedom. 

Black men and black women please work together to provide for your children even if you all are not together in relationship. Think about the best interest of the kids. Even if you don’t like each other at least cooperate good enough to provide for the kid. A child needs the love and attention of mother and father.    
By Chance (Chancellor)
Written during the 21st centruy by Chance Kelsey

Chance writes: All ethnic groups should study sexual genetics it would help them understand themselves and each other.

Genetics, AIDS, And Racial groups

By Chance Kelsey,

 Chance: Racial groups differ in sexual behaviors in real life. It is not by coincidence that some racial AIDS Ribbongroups have too many members who carry sexually transmitted diseases when compared to members of other racial groups. HIV and AIDS have spreaded all across the world – and the World Health Organization keeps records of sexual diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, Chlamydia, HIV, and AIDS. The World Health Organization currently reports low levels of sexually transmitted diseases in China and Japan and high levels in Africa. European countries are in the middle meaning not too high and not too low. The Sexually transmitted diseases in Mexico and South and Central America are intermediate (not too high and not too low) also. In the Black Caribbean countries sexual transmitted disease like HIV and AIDS etc are very high. In China many of the AIDS patients are Hemophiliacs who caught AIDS through blood transfusions. China is doing everything to make sure that people who get blood transfusions are given non contaminated blood.     

In America black Americans have the highest AIDS and HIV rates, currently blacks make up the majority of the new AIDS and HIV cases in America more than all other ethnic groups combined. Black females make up the majority of the AIDS and HIV cases when compared to women of other ethnic groups’ combined. This means that out of 100% black females would make up 51% or more of the AIDS cases, and the percentage that’s left over would represent females from other ethic groups combined. Africa has the highest rates of HIV and AIDS infection in the world, and the majority of the AIDS cases in Africa are black women. Blacks in America have the highest rate of syphilis more than any other ethnic group.

   The latest information from Centers for Disease Control report on the US epidemic shows that in 2005, 73% of people diagnosed with AIDS were men. Within the African American (black American) population, men represent 65% of AIDS cases.  Black women represented 67% of AIDS diagnoses among women in 2005, though they make up just 12-13% of the population in America. Women comprised 35% of all black Americans diagnosed with AIDS in 2005.  (Reference — HIV/AIDS Surveillance report, Vol. 17: Cases of HIV infection and AIDS in the United States, 2005. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2006)

It was reported of the black women living with AIDS at the end of 2005, 66% acquired their infection through heterosexual contact, 31% through injecting drug use, and 2% through other or undetermined routes. (Centers for disease control) 

Hormones  (testosterone)

 Chance: Blacks produce higher levels of sexual hormones (testosterone) than whites, and whites produce more hormones than Asians. Blacks also produce more sexual hormones (higher levels) than any other racial group in the world. All women produce Testosterone (male hormone) but Black women produce more Testosterone than any other women. This explains why black women and men have strong personalities and strong emotions.  Testosterone affects aggression, altruism, crime, physical strength, sexuality, muscle mass, deepening of the voice in teenage years. If Testosterone hormones are not controlled by the person through will power the person can become aggressive, criminal, sexually promiscuous, lacking altruism, and conceited. If Testosterone is controlled then it becomes an ally, and helps one become more intelligent, altruistic, masculine in a charming type way, admired, good at business, the opposite sex will become more attracted to you, deeper voice, physically good looking, more extroverted, ability to think clearly, personality that stands out in a unique way, ability to express your emotions, and assist in learning information and education.

The reason why HIV and AIDS are so high among black people is, because too many are under the influence of negative black sub culture (sub cultures are found among blacks all over the world). The black sub culture is heavily responsible for all of the sexual promiscuity; lack of self control, not using condoms, and sexual misconduct in general that plagues black people all over the world. Combining black sub culture with blacks producing more testosterone than any other racial group means — that blacks must learn how to control their strong sexual drives or suffer. Testosterone is very beneficial, but when combined with irresponsible sexual behavior that comes from a culture – the chances of catching HIV, AIDS, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, and other sexually transmitted diseases increases.
In Africa culture plays a major role also about why blacks have high levels of HIV and AIDS. Blacks in Africa need to be educated more about how to avoid HIV and AIDS by protective use of condoms, personal responsibility, stop being promiscuous, and monogamy. Blacks In the Caribbean islands, Europe, Canada, South and Central America simply suffer from higher rates of HIV and AIDS for the same reason that blacks in America suffer from it, and that is culture.                          

Blacks and all racial groups need to be taught about genetics and how genetic science relates to the human body and racial groups. This will help add clarity to some of the behaviors that various racial groups go through.

(Reference Ellis, L., & Nyborg, H. (1992). Racial/ethnic variations in male testosterone levels: A probable contributor to group differences in health. Steroids, 5 7, 72-75.
UNAIDS (1999). AIDS epidemic update: December 199 9. United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS. New York. )

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance


The Sapphire Character

 (Black Women And Their Verbal Whip)


 By Chance, chancellorfiles

 SapphireChance: There are many terms used to describe black women in a negative way one of these terms is sapphire. A sapphire is a black female who is extremely verbally abusive and uses her harsh words to emasculate and hurt the feeling of the black man. Sapphire is often viewed as a rude, unappreciative, sexually unchaste, materialistic, ungrateful, verbally abusive, hateful, and loud mouth, black female who is always trying to humiliate and belittle a black man. She is always criticizing him and wanting to argue about the most insignificant things.

The sapphire female has no particular physical look with the exception that they are usually portrayed as being caramel brown or dark skin, now light skin female sapphires do exist but it is the Caramel brown skin (medium brown) and dark skin sapphire that are the most recognizable. Why is this because during the times of slavery in America — and even after slavery it was caramel brown skin and dark skin black women that most of the negative images about black American woman were based upon. There aren’t many negative stereotypes about black women that are based upon light skin black women, light skin black woman were seldom viewed in the same negative way as caramel brown and dark skin black women.

The sapphire image requires the presence of a black male, sapphire woman created by the black female to confront and battle the character flaws of the black male. Many black men due to their corrupt character defects cause the sapphire in a black woman to come forth like a waterfall. Many of these black men due to their lack of responsibility, trickery, cunning behavior, disrespect towards their black female partner, lack of integrity, rudeness, insensitiveness, and other character defects create the perfect opportunities and situations for the sapphire side of black of many black females to come forth and do battle.

Now a black woman when in public and just starts yelling loudly while arguing about something with a black man she is showing her sapphire side at that moment. One must have proper social etiquette when in public and black women who can not control their sapphire side in public makes members of other ethnic groups view them as lacking proper social etiquette. Sometimes in public when people see black men being disrespected and yelled at by a black wife or girlfriend or black woman in general — this causes people to sympathize with the black man.

There are other stereotypes of black females like the mammy and Jezebel characters. The mammy was a black woman who overweight (very fat and sometimes obese) and sexually unattractive, she wore a head scarf around her head and a long dress that came down to her knees. She was very loving and would comfort anyone who was in pain. The Jezebel character is a black woman who is sexual promiscuous and very materialistic, she would sleep with men so she could gain some type of benefit from them like money, clothes, or what ever she was after. The Jezebel was cunning, sexually unfaithful, cold hearted, manipulative, and would do anything to gain what she wanted. She was always looking for opportunities to use sex to exploit men, and she was always obsessed with sex.

In order for the sapphire side of a black woman to come forth a black man was needed, because many black men and women are sometimes locked in verbal battles with each other — this would often allow the sapphire side of a black woman to come forth. Black women also, direct their sapphire towards men from other racial groups too; especially during interracial relationships basically sapphire is not limited to black men.     


Chance: Many  black women have sapphire in them but sapphire is not always bad, it has a good side also. Sapphire is used by some black women to get their black male partner back on the right track in life. They use it when they see he is straying from taking care of his responsibilities in life.     

The Sapphire attitude is simply a response and reaction to the many character defects, lack of responsibility, and emotional and mental pain that many black men put black females through. Also, it is a response to a lot of the oppression that has been passed down to each black generation from the times of slavery in America. Black females have been the strong back bones of black America since the times of slavery. When many black men were working on the slave plantations the black female had to deal with many more responsibilities like cooking, raising kids, washing clothes, stress, and working on the slave masters plantation. Every since the late 1960s, many black women have been holding single parent homes together when certain black men don’t even take care of their children. They get the black female pregnant and leave her to raise the child; this adds stress to the black female mother.

So sapphire has a good side and a bad side, it sometimes is used to emasculate the black man during a verbal dispute, and sometimes sapphire is called forth to put the black man back on the right path of taking care of responsibilities in life.


By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

Chance writes: Among the various racial groups there are different penis sizes, some racial groups have more members with larger penises than other racial groups. Some have more members with smaller penises, and other racial groups have more members with medium size penises. Genetic science has verified this to be a fact.   


Penis size And Racial groups

By Chance Kelsey, 

 Penis, the male sex organ

Chance: Just like there are different racial groups having different skin tones, and just like there are male and female humans. There are also, different penis sizes among the various racial groups through the world. This is a genetic fact, genetic science has proven this, and certain members of various racial groups whom have encountered other racial groups have verified this for themselves.

Blacks have larger penises than whites, and whites have larger penises than oriental Asians. All of the other racial groups’ and ethnic groups’ penis sizes fall on the same level as whites. On one extreme blacks of African descent and black Africans have the largest penises in the world, and on the other extreme oriental Asians have the smallest penises. Whites and all other non-white racial groups have medium size penises thus putting them in the middle between Blacks and Asians.

Now let me clarify what genetics is talking about when it comes to penis sizes being large, small, or medium. Genetics is speaking of average nothing more, meaning that even though black men as a collective group on average have larger penises than whites, Asians and all other racial groups. This does not mean that all black men have large penises when compared to every member of other racial groups. Some white men, Asians and men form other ethnic groups have penises than some black men. There are black who have smaller penises when compared to an Asian or white.

There can be a situation in which when one observes the penises of a black, white, Asian, and Hispanic (brown skin Hispanic), and notice that the Hispanic has the largest penis, the Asian (oriental Asian) medium, white man’s medium but a half inch smaller than the Asian man’s medium, and the black man the smallest out of the four. Genetics is not saying that all black men have large penises, All Eastern Asians have small penises, and all of the other non-white racial groups have medium size penises. Genetics is simply stating a general rule that can be easily verified, and basically has been verified. What is meant by larger penis? It means the thickness (wideness) and the length. A man can have a nine inch penis but it’s not very thick, another man can have a five inch thick penis but it’s, another man can have a seven inch long penis that’s not too thick or too skinny it is medium in thickness.

Chance: So length and wideness (thickness) are two different qualities. When geneticists, say that black men have larger penises they are talking about both in length and girth.

So sitting around comparing penis sizes is silly, because women also, have different vagina sizes. There are three vagina sizes for women. And, there is a penis size to go with each of those vagina sizes. Some penises that are too large for a particular vagina will make the woman feel uncomfortable while having sex with that man. She will not want to have sex with him again, and possibly will seek out a partner who has a penis size that is compatible. Certain penises are too small for other vaginas, and this can cause a woman too go seeking for a sexual partner who has a penis that can fit her vagina better.

What gives a woman pleasure during sex is the thickness of the penis, because the penis rubs up against her clitoris and the inner side walls of the vagina. The clitoris and inner side walls of the vagina area are very sensitive. The thicker the penis the more pleasure the woman receives from the sex act. But it must be a penis that is compatible with her vagina. What matters for the man is that he finds a vagina that is compatible with his penis size, and  females must find penises that are compatible with there particular vagina sizes. There is a vagina for every penis and a penis for every vagina — size doesn’t matter, only compatibility matters.


There are different condom sizes to accommodate the different penis sizes among men. The World Health Organization specifies 5.3 cm wide condoms for Africa, 5.2 cm wide condoms for Europe, and 4.9 cm condoms for Asia.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations, acting as a coordinating authority on international public health, it is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Historically, WHO inherited much of the mandate, policies, and resources of its predecessor, the Health Organization (HO), which had been an agency of the League of Nations. The league of nations, changed its name to the united nations. The WHO was established by the UN on 7 April 1948.

 By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

This has been a study in sexual genetics

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Sexual Misconduct And Children


By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: Why do certain children under the age of eleven years old engage in sexual misconduct? What I mean by sexual misconduct is touching their bodies in a sexual way and making sexual statements (saying things that elude to sex).

Reasons Why Children Display Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors

1. Television — children see sexual behaviors on television sometimes, and they imitate those behaviors.

2. Parents and sex — Seeing parents engage in sex this often happens with out the parents knowing the child is watching or spying. Some children are raised in a single parent home, and the single parent engages in sex with a boyfriend or girlfriend and the child sees them having sex. Often with out the parents knowledge, some parents don’t care if they children see them having sex with some one.

3. Watching — Seeing other adults or teenagers have sex this often happens with out those having sex knowing the child sees them. 

4. Sexual abuse — some children have been sexually abused by adults and they act out by touching their sexual areas or the sexual areas of other people. They also make sexual comments.  Sometimes older teenage boys or teenage girls sexual abuse younger children. 

5. Mistreatment — Some times children have not been sexually abused but the parent or some adult has been very mean spirited and rude towards them. This mistreatment awakens sexual feeling inside of the child at too early of an age. Sexual feelings are natural and normal for children, but sexual misconduct is a learned behavior. 

I want to focus on mistreatment, often many children ten years old and younger engage in sexual misconduct because some one or people have mistreated them. When a child has been verbally, mentally, emotionally, or physically abused — this abuse can cause  sexual feelings in the child to awaken in a negative way.

All children have Sexual feelings inside of themeselves, but abuse can cause these sexual feelings to become stronger at too young of an age for a child to handle. The child who has been abused and these sexual feelings have become stronger inside of that child — that child begins to touch his or her genital area (private part), and sometimes trying to masturbate. The child touches the sexual part because he or she is receiving pleasure from touching the sexual area of the body.

This touching and sexual fantasizing compensates for the mistreatment the child has experienced. The child is receiving satisfaction from sexually touching the sexual area of the body. A boy will touch his penis and a girl will touch her vagina. Just like adults children often have sexual fantasies too, while they are engaged in touching their bodies’ genitals (sexual areas).

Chance: When these kids become teenagers many of them become sexually active, and the young girls get pregnant and the boys become fathers at a young age. They become sexual promiscuous, often some of them become violent and even engage in crime and other anti-social behaviors. These negative behaviors often continue into adulthood, and these adults pass their negative characteristics own down to their children and the vicious cycle continues.   

These children need professional help and counseling before they reach the age of eighteen. If they don’t receive help as kids or teenagers most of them when they become adults will never seek help for the mistreatment they experienced as kids — which affected them mentally and emotionally. Many of them when they become adults find it hard to have a steady monogamous relationship, they often have more than one sex partner this is called infidelity or cheating on ones partner (spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend). Professional help is needed for many of these young children before they become adults, because adults often find it shameful to admit that they need help because of the trauma that they experienced as a children.   


By Chance Kelsey (chancellor)

Written by Chance during the 21st century       



Low White Birth Rate

(Genetically Based)


Chance: All across the world the birth rate of white people keeps declining. In Europe, America, Canada, and in other countries that have many whites, the white race continues to decline in birth rate. There are certain reasons about why this is happening to the white race through-out the world.

1. A better standard of living economically

2.Not every is destined to have children

3. Many white men and women prefer by choice not to have children and this choice is personal because each person knows what is needed in his or her life. Also there is in some cases personal experiences that have motivated certain whites not to have children. But I say that there is another very important reason about why many whites are not having children. And that reason is genetics; whites when compared to the average non-white racial groups produce fewer hormones than the average non-white racial groups. Whites produce more sexual hormones than oriental Asians, and this can clearly be seen in countries like America.

Example currently in America a middle class white family will have more children than a middle class Asian family. If the white family has four children the Asian family will have two or three. If a white family has three children an Asian family will have two maybe three but in general a middle class Asian family will have fewer children than a middle class white America family. In the future this could change but currently Asians have fewer children than whites. The reason for this is that whites produce more hormones than Asians. Blacks produce more sexual hormones than any racial group on the planet.

The more hormones a racial group produces the more sexually active they become. Blacks in general produce more children than whites and Asians (oriental Asians). Black families in general whether they are poor, middle class, or rich will usually have more children than a white or Asian family. The reason being that blacks produce more hormones than both whites and Asians. The poorer the family usually means more children will be born.

This is why poor people of all racial groups have more children than middle class or rich families. When families have good incomes and have reached the level of middle class those families produce fewer children. Also, when people become rich financially these rich people have even fewer children than middle class families.

So a good economy that produces good high income paying jobs helps lessen poverty, and causes a low birth rate among families who work these high income paying jobs. This explains why in previous generations the grand-parents had more children because their generation had more poverty and fewer higher paying jobs. When people are poor they engage in sex more frequently, meaning more poor people have sexual contact at a higher rate than middle class and rich families. Now Middle class and rich familes have a lot of sex also, but they are more socially and economically responsible than poor people in general. And this is why middle class and rich families have lesser web lock births. Even if poor and middle class people were having sex the same number of times throughout the year. Poor people will still have a higher out of web lock birth rate because they as a collective are less socially and economically responsible. Wherefore, the middle class and rich are more socially and economically responsible.   

Chance: As already mentioned white men and women already produce fewer sexual hormones combined with them moving up the economic ladder — creates the effect of a lower white birth rate. Because moving up the economic ladder naturally will cause people to produce fewer children. Even when blacks move up the economic ladder they produce fewer children. Middle class black families in general usually produce fewer children than black families who live in poverty.

But blacks still produce more children than whites regardless of the economic level blacks are on. As has been noted the white birth rate is declining all over the world because of two major reasons and the reasons are higher paying Jobs and whites produce less sexual hormones (testosterone hormone in men and estrogen hormone in women). Genetics is the missing link that explains the reason about why whites are having fewer children.


By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)
Written during the 21st century by Chance

Gay Marriage And America

(Gay People Will Gain The Right To Marry In America Guaranteed)

By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: The big controversy over whether gay people in America should have the right to marry and live as husband and wife like heterosexual people. Continues to be a major issue in American politics, many Americans are against gay men and women having the right to marry each other.

Canada passed a same sex marriage law in 2005 giving gay people the right to marry each other. Spain in April 2005 passed a same sex law that allows gay people to marry and adopt children. England, The Netherlands and Belgium all have passed laws allowing gay people to marry.

If one takes notice, one can clearly observe that the countries where same sex gay marriages are allowed are in countries. In which currently white people are the political, social, and cultural ruling class.

Why is this? Because the white race is a liberal racial group. The white race allows white people and non-white ethnic groups (colored ethnic groups) to be individually free when living together in a particular country that is predominately ruled by whites. And it is this individual freedom which the white race permits in white politically dominated countries.

That motivates non-white ethnic groups constantly, to immigrant to countries that have large white populations. Also, as long as the white race continues to conserve their liberalism all colored ethnic groups will continue to immigrate to white politically dominated countries.

Because non-white countries where people of color come from do not give them. All these individual freedoms, civil rights, voting rights, etc to the same degree as white dominated societies.  All of these freedoms come from liberal white countries.

Also non-white countries that have democracy, civil rights, voting rights, individual freedoms (liberties). Got all of these ideas from whites, liberalism was started by whites. So this explains why you see gay people having the legal (law) right to marry in countries that are politically, socially, and culturally ruled by whites.

Non-whites have not reached the level of cultural development as whites. This explains why gays currently are not allowed to marry in non-white countries. In the future 200 years from now there will be no difference between whites and non-whites when it comes to certain cultural developments. Because the planet will be operating under one big international type government, and countries will share their cultural and technological developments with each other.

Whites are free to express themselves more openly – their culture allows this individual freedom of expression. Now many people who claim to be religious, don’t want gay people to have the right to marry in American or any where else for that matter.

Well Gay people living in a society where they have civil rights, voting rights, individual freedom (liberties), and Democracy. Have a right to pursue their agenda, why? Because they have civil rights, voting rights, individual freedom, and Democracy.

As long as gay people have these things on their side – they will always be allowed to pursue their political agenda. Just like other people, racial groups, organizations, and special interest groups pursue theirs.

If anybody from any ethnic group don’t like gay people pursuing their political agenda. Then society can tell you that you can not pursue your political agenda. People of color who don’t like gays pursuing their political agenda. Can leave and go live in a non-white country, then you don’t have to worry about the GAY political agenda. Because in non-white countries life is often more miserable than life in a white country. And if there are white people who don’t like Gay people pursuing their political agenda – then go live in a non-white country with the colored racial groups.

Also the overwhelming majority of the people who claim to be religious are not. They are only so called religious in name only. This is why many young people don’t care for religious teachings and visiting religious churches (Christians), mosques (Muslim), Mandirs (Hindu temple), temples of other religions, etc. Because young people and people in general see the hypocrisy in the so called religious people.

Let GOD deal with a GAY person’s soul the rest of us should not need to worry about it. Also, the so called religious people got all kind of sexual sins that they commit. Example adultery, fornication, lusting after the opposite sex, bisexuality, fantasying about another person sexually that you are not in a relationship with etc.

I’m positive beyond a shadow of a doubt that GAY people will some day get the right to marry in America. There will be laws passed in the United States Of America there will be laws passed Allowing same sex marriage. I’m convinced of this all white countries are liberal and I mean all of them. The only time you see a white country that is not liberal is when they have become communist.

Chance: Currently all non-white countries are conservative, but the conservative of non-white countries is on the level of the medieval times. Why do I say this? Because it was whites who helped bring the conservatism of non-white countries up to a mild form of liberalism. And, still many non-white countries still have parts of their countries where people are living like they did during the medieval times.

White people’s conservatism is a higher form of conservatism – it is more evolved and liberal. So whites actually conserve liberalism civil rights, voting rights, individual freedom, human rights, etc. This is the type of conservatism whites’ conserve non-whites (colored ethnic groups) have not reached the level called liberalism – that’s why they keep immigrating to white countries. Because of the liberalism that white countries allow them to have.

This proves that all ethnic groups prefer to live in a liberal country more than in a strict conservative non-liberal country. Now I’m not favoring GAY’S, HETEROSEXUALS, or RELIGIOUS PEOPLE. I’m just saying that as long as people live in America and have civil rights, voting rights, individual freedom, and Democracy.

They have a right to pursue their agenda whether those agendas are political, social, economical, religious, educational, etc they have a right by law to pursue. Their ideas and as Americans we must respect that whether we agree with them or not.

By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

Black Women And sexual genetics

By Chance Kelsey,

Chance: Black women produce more estrogen (female hormone) and  testosterone (male hormone) hormones than women from other racial group on this planet. The more hormones a body produces the more physically stronger, sexually attractive, deeper voice, stronger personality that influnces other people around you, the more other people who produce less hormones fear you, Taller in height, stronger bones, stronger teeth, opposite sex finds you more attractive. 

 (black women
produce "moderately, but significantly" more testosterone than white
women  — Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 1996; 81:

This makes black women very sexy and attractive to men from all racial groups – but do to factors like racism and fear of what members in ones own racial group is going to say. Many men from other racial groups generally keep their distance from black women in public. Unless they are having a sexual relationship with them undercover.

The strong personality of black women come from them having more hormones than women of other ethnic groups. Black men produce more testosterone hormones than men from other racial groups. And this is the reason why they are so feared. Black men also have stronger personalities than men from other racial group.

(Black men produce significantly more testosterone than white men
Journal of the National Cancer Institute 1986; 76: 45) and (black women
produce "moderately, but significantly" more testosterone than white
women Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 1996; 81:

The more hormones your body produce the more people want to have sex with you. They can intuitively sense the power of the hormones in you because the percentage of the hormone in black men and women is high. This explains why women from all racial groups date black men even when these black men have nothing to offer. Even if the black man is negative abusive, aggressive, violent, rude, insensitive, unfaithful, etc. The hormone percentage that black men and black women produce is so high percentage wise. That it attract sexual partners no matter what racial group they belong to. Women date men based upon an emotional gut feeling when they see or meet a man.

And the more hormones a man produces this increases his chance of getting a gut reaction from a woman. The same for women the more hormones women produce percentage wise when men see them they start having deeper sexual feelings for them. And want to be with them their must be a sexual attraction in order for people to date first.

But like I say men from other racial groups hide their deeper feelings for black women because of society teaching them to date their own women. Sexual black men and black women are very compatible with each other because of the high level of hormones they produce. It is hard for men from other racial groups to rival black men sexually – often women from other racial group who date black men say – that black men are good sexual lovers. Just look at how these women keep giving black men their phone numbers.

The more hormones the more masculine the man and black women have a well developed hormone (estrogen) percentage. The high level of hormone production combined with femininity makes black women very sexy. Black women being females already have the feminine side developed; the high level of hormone production makes them more masculine and this is a blessing from GOD.

So black women with femininity combined masculinity are very well balanced. Now black women need to be careful and make sure that they don’t become too masculine in behavior and personality.
Because this is a turn off for men yes,  it is, generally true that men don’t find women who are too masculine in personality very attractive.

They will have sex with them but the majority of these will never marry a woman who is too masculine in personality. Men are supposed to have their feminine side developed – just like men already have their masculine side developed.

But the majority of men only have their masculine side developed – and this is why men are not as compassionate as women. Compassion, love, sympathy, etc comes from the feminine side – and Protection, strength, provider, etc comes from the masculine side. All women have some testosterone (male hormone) in them and all men have some estrogen (female hormone) in them.

 Unmasculine men

A man must make sure that he does not become too feminine in behavior and personality why? Because this is a turn off to the average heterosexual woman. She will not date or marry a heterosexual man who is too feminine in nature. Some women do marry men, who are too feminine in nature, but the majority will not they will have him as a friend but not a husband.

Black women are blessed because they produce a high level of hormones. And the more hormone percentage the stronger the personality and a stronger personality will influence a weaker personality. This explains why where ever you find black people in large numbers in any country their personalities are so strong. That their black culture will influence the behavior of the people from the other ethnic groups in unique way.

 Black women And Emotions

It is a medically and genetically proven fact that hormones influence emotions; and the more hormones a person produce the more emotional they are. This explains why black women become very attached to the men they date or marry. When black women express themselves there is passion in their words, body language, voice, etc. This comes from the high level of estrogen that their bodies produce. It is good to have a high level of estrogen if you are a female. Estrogen attracts men to women like a bee is attracted to honey.

 Black Women And Testosterone

Testosterone is the male hormone and women also have testosterone in them and men have estrogen in them. Every woman has both estrogen and Testosterone in them; but women have more estrogen in them than Testosterone. Now men have both Testosterone and estrogen in them; but men have more Testosterone than estrogen. Black women have more Testosterone than women from other ethnic groups and Testosterone is the male hormone.

Because black women have more Testosterone this is why they are more muscular, physically stronger, taller, deeper voices, athletic, etc. It is a blessing for women to produce more Testosterone but black women need to be careful with their Testosterone. Because if a black woman gets up set and angry the testosterone will make her more aggressive and violent.

So black women need to use their intellects to make rational decisions in certain situations that are potentially negative. There is a time to defend yourself physically; and there is a time to use the intellect to confront a negative situation.

Black Women And Suffering

Black women are able to go through a lot of mental, emotional, verbal, and physical suffering because they produce more male Testosterone in their bodies. This explains why black women are able to step and play the role of the man when there is no man around to take care of the children. All women are able to play the role of men when the woman is single and have children. This comes from women having some Testosterone (male hormone) in their bodies.

The role a man is protection, strength, provider, etc and these qualities from come from Testosterone and Testosterone masculine and estrogen is feminine.
Some women become envious and jealous of women who have both their feminine and masculine side developed. It is good to have both sides developed.

Black Women Who Prefer Black Men

Chance: One of the major reasons many black women prefer black men is because of their masculinity. Black men produce a high percentage of Testosterone – and remember the more Testosterone a man produces the more masculine he is. Women are more attracted to men who produce higher levels of Testosterone this is a fact. Now this doesn’t mean that women are going to go marry or date a man because he produces a higher level Testosterone.

Each woman no matter what racial group she from has her preference about what type of man she will date. The majority of Black women find black men very attractive. The Testosterone level in black men makes them very sexual appealing to black women and even many women from other ethnic groups. It is a fact, that women prefer masculine men and the more masculine the more they prefer those men. No matter what racial group these very masculine men are from. Many Black women find men from other ethnic groups attractive but they still prefer Black men.

Because they are attracted to the masculinity of black men and there are personal reasons. Why black women prefer black men but masculinity is definitely one of them. Black women often observe men from other ethnic groups and don’t view them being as masculine as black men. Many black women view black men to be more masculine than men from other ethnic groups. And genetic science agrees and confirms what Black women have known for years.

That black men are more masculine than men from other ethnic groups. Black men and Black women are sexual compatible they both produce high levels of hormones. This makes them more attracted to each other. I say women should date whom ever they feel like and so should men.         

This has been a study in sexual genetics I hope it was enlightening 


By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

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Blacks, Sexuality, And Genetics

By Chance,



Chance: There is no denying the fact that certain racial groups are more sexual in nature (stronger sex drive) than others. This can clearly be seen by all humans who live or have lived among various racial groups. People who live in America, Canada, Europe, and Africa especially have noticed that certain racial groups are more sexual than others. What makes a racial group more sexual than another? Why are certain racial groups more physically stronger than others? 

 And, why are the men from certain racial groups more masculine than others?  These questions deserve to be answered and the answer is very simple hormones the pineal gland secretes melatonin – Melatonin is the only hormone that is secreted into the bloodstream by the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a tiny endocrine gland situated at the centre of the brain.

Melatonin has the ability to affect sleep patterns; people use melatonin to treat jet lag and insomnia. Also seasonal depression has been treated with melatonin. Melatonin has been combined with certain other drugs (i.e. interferon, interleukin-2) to treat some cancers (breast, prostate) while the side effects are lessened.

Melatonin is responsible for anti-aging (keeping your body looking younger) and it is also anti-oxidant in nature. It is mainly produced and secreted at night between the hours of 12 – 4 A.M. This is why sleeping is so vitally important – sleeping is a healing and rejuvenating act that the body needs. People who work at night are said to be working the graveyard shift, because working at night a time when the body naturally heals and regenerates itself deadens and degenerates the body, causing premature aging and sends one to an early grave. It is hard for people who work at night to sleep in the day. They have to get use to sleeping in the day because the body naturally prefers sleeping at night. Melatonin is released in darkness and this is why sleeping at night is so important because sleeping in the daytime there is a lot of light outside. And, the daylight comes into your home where you sleep. Black people produce the highest amount of melatonin the more melanin in the skin the darker the person. Black people have the darkest skin because they produce more melanin.

The pineal gland secretes melatonin, which activates the pituitary to release M.S.H. (Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone). It is in the melanocytes that melanin (Greek “melas”=black) is produced. Melanin is somewhat analogous to chlorophyll in plants. What a lot of people don’t realize is that melatonin is also related to sexual fertility. Those with pigmented skin have the highest counts of melanocytes in the genitalia and nipples. The pigmentation in these areas can be influenced by sex hormones like estrogens and androgens. During pregnancy, the nipples, face, and abdominal wall become darkened. These areas of increased pigmentation during pregnancy are due to the increase in the production of estrogens in the female.

Black Men And Testosterone

Black men produce more testosterone than any other racial group and this is why blacks are so sensuous, and sexually active, able to endure a lot of suffering, inner strength to go through a lot of pain and suffering, deeper voices, and physically strong.

Black men are very strong physically because their bodies produce more testosterone this is the real reason why many men from other racial groups fear black men. Some people say black men are feared because they commit crimes, violence, etc but this is not totally true. Black men are feared because their bodies produce more Testosterone and the more testosterone a person produces the more others will fear him. Now observe men from other racial groups they also produce testosterone and among these various racial groups some produce more Testosterone than others. But when these other racial group commit crimes and violence people still often consider them cowards and weaklings.

Why because they don’t produce as much testosterone as black men – the men of a racial group are feared according to the level of testosterone their bodies produce. This can clearly be seen all over America, Canada, Europe, Africa, and other countries around the world that have men from various racial groups. Men and women can sense the level of strength that men from any racial group possess. The more testosterone men produce the more masculine they will be black men are very masculine more masculine than the average man from other racial groups. And, this is a fact that can be seen constantly. Among men from other racial groups you have some that are just as masculine as black men. But in general the black race has more masculine men among them when compared genetically to men from other racial groups.

Racial groups, Masculinity, And Testosterone

Hispanic men (Brown skin Hispanic men) are more masculine than white men; white men are more masculine than eastern Asian men (orient Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, pacific islanders, and all other Asians in the orient etc). But black men are more masculine than all of these men and genetics verifies this. All the men from other racial groups fall in the middle but black men are not in the middle of being semi masculine – they are as a collective racial group totally masculine in nature. Here is how it is measured Eastern Asian (Orientals) are considered the least Masculine and Blacks are considered the most Masculine.

All of the other racial groups of men fall in between blacks and Asians with Asian men being on one extreme (less masculine) and black men being on the other extreme (more masculine). What I have written here is a fact that genetics verifies and also people all over the world can clearly see this in their societies. But often some people don’t want to admit this in public – because it is not fashionable to do so. I’m just saying in public what is already known by all but the majority of the people are afraid to admit it. But secretively they accept it.


Blacks, Other Racial Groups, And Fights

Chance: Why is it that men and women from other racial groups often fight with black men and black women when black men – and black women have done nothing to start a fight? Often people from other racial groups say it is because of black negative behavior. But in general this is not true because I’m talking about fights that blacks did not start. There could be many reasons but one of the reason people from other racial groups start fights with blacks is because. They are aware that they are in the presence of a physically stronger more masculine racial group. This explains why men from other racial groups depend on the law to help them defeat blacks – even though they started the fight and blacks did not start the fight.

Starting fights with blacks and being rude to blacks when blacks have done nothing wrong comes from JEALOUSY. They are jealous because they feel their manhood is weaker and less masculine than the manhood of blacks. Some people say racism is partially responsible for why some men from other racial groups mistreat blacks yes, that is true in some cases. But at the same time the men from other racial groups who claim to be racist and hate blacks are really hiding the fact that. They are angry because blacks are stronger and more masculine than they are. This is a blow to their egos and they are ashamed to admit it. Weaker men team up with weaker men to fight against a more masculine group of men sometimes.

 Black Women And Estrogen

Black women produce more estrogen than women from any other racial and ethnic group and this explains why black females are more sensuous, sexually active, able to endure a lot of suffering, inner strength to go through a lot of pain and suffering, deeper voices, and physically strong. White women have softer bones than black women this is why white women end up with Osteoporosis more than black women.

Osteoporosis: Thinning of the bones with reduction in bone mass due to depletion of calcium and bone protein. Osteoporosis predisposes a person to fractures, which are often slow to heal and heal poorly. It is more common in older adults, particularly post-menopausal women; in patients on steroids; and in those who take steroidal drugs. Unchecked Osteoporosis can lead to changes in posture, physical abnormality (particularly the form of hunched back known colloquially as “dowager’s hump”), and decreased mobility.

Because black women produce more estrogen fewer of them end up with Osteoporosis (thinning of the bones making the bones easy to break). Yes there are black women with osteoporosis but when compared to white women the black women with thin bones (Osteoporosis) are few in number. Women from other racial groups find black women intimidating at times and it is because black females produce more hormones than women from any other racial group.

Black People Be Grateful For The Hormone Production

Black people produce more hormones so they must be very careful because producing more hormones can be a blessing if blacks know how to use it and a curse if they don’t. If black men and women let their powerful sexual hormones get the best of them then the result is a lot of out of wedlock births, high crime rate, excessive violence, excessive anger, crushing poverty, easily Irritated, ect.

But if black people control their hormones through the intellect (will power) they will become a very powerful racial group. They will become the masters of what every area of life and social sphere they pursue. They will dominate sports, their political influence will grow, become great businessmen and women, influence the international politics in other countries, dominate music, their popular culture will influence other ethnic groups, have stable two parent, will be able to protect themselves and other people from other racial groups, become great politicians and leaders, become more intelligent and educated, and become great at anything they set out to accomplish in any area. Blacks have a slight advantage that other ethnic and racial groups don’t have because blacks produce more hormones. Genetics verify everything I’ve written in regards to hormones everyone should study genetics.

Blacks should not waste their sexual energy through having sex all the time or masturbation either – the more a person ejaculates the sexual semen and estrogen the weaker the person becomes. The more sexual fluids you keep in your body the more intelligent, physically stronger, shiny skin, deeper voice, better health, and other things you will have. If a person is sexually active he or she should not practice having sex or masturbation a lot. You should engage in the sex act a few times a month you will have to decide how often yourself.

Blacks should practice meditation, prayer, sports, reading, and breathing exercises these are just some of the methods that will help blacks control their powerful sexual hormones. If blacks study genetics this will help them govern their lives more efficiently and give them the power of genetic knowledge. They will understand themselves a lot more and will be able to help themselves progress towards superior levels of society.

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance