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Hungry Ghost

Hungry Ghost

Hungry ghosts are dead people whose souls have not went to heaven, Hell, or reincarnated. They are earth bound meaning they still live on earth but no longer have physical bodies. They are called hungry because of desires.

They still desire food, sex, television, friends who are still alive family members, new clothes, enjoyments and pleasure they did while still alive on earth. These desires are like hunger – so therefore, the term hungry ghosts. These ghosts often return to the places where they lived and places where they frequented.

They go to see their families and friends, and try to talk to them but the family and friends can’t hear them or see them unless they are clairvoyant (ability to see the invisible and what the physical eyes can’t see). Many people who die a violent death, murder victim, and vehicle accidents that causes death are some of the reasons many become hungry ghosts.

There are other reasons too. It all depends on your bad Karma whether or not you become a hungry ghost. Not all people who die violent deaths, violent death, murder victim, vehicle accidents, or other reasons, etc become hungry ghosts, just some. The dead person no longer has physical body is now clairvoyant, clairaudient, telepathic, and can read the thoughts and sense the emotional state of the living.

The ghost goes to the home of family members and the home where it use to live. When they were alive they were compassionate and cared about their relatives. But now in ghosthood they are negative and hostile towards their family members. They sit on top of the roof of the house and observe the activities of their relatives, and being clairvoyant and clairaudient they can see through the roofs, walls, wood, brick, clay, and what ever material the house is made of. They can walk through walls.

They try to fulfill their desires through their relatives by influence a relative too eat, drink, sex, and engage in activities that the ghost finds enjoyable. The ghost can attach itself to the aura of the person and feel the same emotions and frame of mind that the person is experiencing themselves. They can make you do bad things or good things by influencing your mind. Some illnesses are caused by ghosts too, like cholera, heads aches, colds, flu (influenza), cancer, and many other diseases and illnesses.

This is why some times Doctors can’t cure the patient. They are jealous because their relatives and friends and other people are still alive, and they (ghosts) no longer have a physical body. Ghosts enjoy the company of other ghosts also, they laugh and talk about what it is like and what activities they did when they where alive. Sometimes ghosts fight each other.

They scream out loud, bang or tap on walls, tables, or other objects, turn on and off the lights, make strange noises, and enjoy scaring people, friends, and relatives. Ghosts like to eat human feces (shit), food left out (not placed in the refrigerator or freezer), mucous secretions, urine together with other exudations, filth, male semen stains let on bed sheets (clothes and on other items), menstrual blood from the generative organ of a woman. During sleep they come to their relatives (kin folks), friends, or whoever’s house they are haunting, and attach themselves to the person’s body (aura) and influence the person to sexually masturbate.

When a ghost is attached to a sleeping person it is hard for them to sleep, they feel restless, and sometimes they even feel afraid while lying in bed. A person who has a ghost in his or her house while feel uncomfortable there, and the ghost make family members fight and argue with each other. There are also Demons (evil spirits) that recruit hungry ghosts (dead people) to come join their ranks. These Demons teach the hungry ghosts techniques or how to possess people and take over their physical bodies.

The Demons use the ghosts to oppress humans and cause more chaos among humanity. Many world leaders, politicians, and people in general have Demons and ghosts attached to their auras. Not all ghosts are controlled by demons but many are. The dead does not stay in the realm of the hungry ghosts forever it is only temporary. Certain good angels help liberate the ghosts from the realm of the hungry ghosts.

After that they are either sent to heaven, hell, or reincarnate. When a relative or friend or causal acquaintance dies you should pray for that person, and ask God and the Angels to please not let that person fall into the realm of the hungry ghosts. Ask them to help that departed soul move on to the other side, and protect the departed soul from the demons (evil spirit) who will try to recruit it into their ranks.

Ask them to please, not allow the departed soul to return where it use to live (home), or to relatives or friends houses, nor let it return to places it use to frequent (hang out). If you feel you have demons, ghosts, or spells attacked to your aura. ASK God and the holy angels to please come and remove all of the demons (evil spirits), ghosts, spells, and any attachments from all seven layers of your aura, and fill your aura with spiritual light that chases away darkness.

You can also do a prayer and ask them to remove all evil spirits, ghosts, spells (witchcraft), and evil forces from your entire house. It will be done. A house, apartment, building, etc that has a negative ghost or demon will always be a dangerous place to live, work, or visit. All major religions mention ghosts.

In Hinduism a preta is a ghost. The Garuda Purana is apart of the Vedas (hindu religious scriptures) and it goes into details about pretas (the souls of dead people whom have become hungry ghosts).


Sri Garuda Purana Part 2. Dharma (Preta-ghost) Kaanda Chapters 1-20.

"Functions of the departed soul." Garuda Purana Part 2. chapter 20.


Garuda said: 1. Having obtained a new body where does a preta shelter ? Released from pretahood, where does he go to live in ?

2 – 3. Passing through torments in hell which number eighty four lakhas, and guarded by Yamaraj and his thousand attendants, how do the pretas get released and how do they roam about this mortal world ?

The Lord said:

4.O king of birds, hear me, I shall tell you about the region where pretas live. Men attain pretahood by stealing other man’s riches, by indulging in sexual intercourse with another man’s wife or by doing acts of treachery.

5.Having incurred sins, they seek for redemption in their progeny. Being bodiless as well as suffering from hunger and thirst they roam about here and there.

6. Even the captives released from prison are frightened at their sight. They seek for means to kill their kith and kin.

7. They bolt doors on their ancestors, put obstacles in the way of manes, departed for fathers. Like theives, they snatch the manes’s food in the way before it reaches them.

8. They like to return to their previous home, stay on the roof and watch the activities of their kin. They enjoy causing disease and grief to their relatives.

9-11. Having asumed a form of changing nature tertian, and such like fevers they cause diseases due to cold or wind, like head ache or cholera. They stay at dirty places like that where refuge is left, and enjoy in the company of other ghosts and partake of the waste foods and drink left out unattended by their hosts.

12. In this way, the sinful pretas move about freely. Garuda said: 13-14. How do the pretas behave and in what form ? How is it possible to know their attitude, since the pretas do not speak to us? If you are pleased to do me a favour, you clear away my doubts. O Lord, I hear that in the Kali yuga many people become ghosts.

15.The ghost torments his family members through various enemies. While he was in the human form he was affectionate to his relatives, but now in ghost hood he is inimical, and hostile towards them.

16. He who is devoted to Rudra, follows the path of righteousness, honours the Supreme Lord Vishnu and the Devas, satiates guests, speakes the truth and pleasent words, is not tormented by pretas.

17. He who does not observe sacrificial and purificatory rites, who has no faith in the Vedas, hates righteous deeds and indulges in falsehood, is tormented by the pretas. Furthermore by these unrighteous acts one becomes himself a preta in the Kali yuga.

18.From the Satya yuga to the end of the Dwarpara yuga, nobody became a preta nor did anyone suffer from their evil influences.

19-20.It is observed that of many children born of one and the same mother, one child is happy, one is addicted to bad habits, one is blessed with good progeny, one is tormented by pretas, one abounds in wealth, one gets sons who die young, one is burdened with the offspring of many daughters, and one is constantly with daggers drawn towards his relatives. This is all due to the bad intentions of pretas, O Garuda.

21. A woman who remains without husband, but still makes children, or one who becomes barren in life, or gives birth to children that die at an early age, there is loss of wealth and cattle. All these are the sufferings caused by pretas.

22. If there is a sudden change in a persons nature, or a sudden emnity with his relatives, or an unexpected calamity, that suffering should be known to be the doing of a preta.

23.If a person loses faith in religion or if he loses the means of livelihood or if he feels greedy in excess (for food or aquiring material things) or if there is a regular quarell at home, that suffering should be known to be caused by a preta.

24-25.If he slays his parents or reproaches gods/God or the brahmanas and is found guilty of murder and the like, these are all symptoms of pretas.

26.When crops do not grow up, though there are sufficient rains and good soil; when the expenditures go up and income is reduced; when quarrels rise in gravity, and severity, again these should be recognised as the doings of pretas.

27.When on travels to foriegn lands, he is distressed by the onrush of wind, O lord of birds, that suffering is due to pretas.

28.When he associates with the people of low caste or when he performs disreputable acts (lying, cheating, stealing, or worse) or when he is interested in acts of unrighteousness, (meat eating, illicit sex, gambling, intoxication – liquor, drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs) that suffering is due to the influence of pretas.

29.When the hoarded wealth is destroyed by misfortune or when the work in operation bears no fruit (business collapse) or when there is a loss of wealth due to undue taxation or due to fire or theft, that suffering is due to pretas.

30.When an incurable disease sets in, or when children suffer from pain or when a wife suffers immensely, that is also due to pretas.

31.When one loses faith in the Vedas, Smritis, Puranas, and Dharma-shastras, this is also the work of pretas.

32.When one abuses the gods (the Supreme Lord or His Devas), or gurus, brahmins in their presence or absence, that aberration of nature is due to pretas.

33.This is due to pretas and to no other cause when a person suffers from loss of livelihood or break in social position or break in the continuity of lineage.

34.When women suffer an abortion or do not conceive or when the children die at an early age that suffering is caused by pretas.

35.When he does not perform the annual sraddha rites with all sincerity or has no desire or inclination to do so, that is a preta trying to deny the offering to one’s manes (forefathers)(…in this way they become more powerful).

36.When on pilgrimage if one indulges in sexual intercourse or neglects his duties or when he fails to prosper though he has done acts of piety – that is the suffering due to pretas.

37.When both husband and wife quarrel at meal times, when there is a strong inclination to harm others, that suffering is due to pretas.

38.When trade does not prosper though he has gone abroad where he lives in separation from wife and family, that is due to preta.

39.When he lives in foreign lands or when he loses his position at home, that is due to pretas. 40. When he is inimical to his people, regards his son as his enemy, when he has no interest in home and feels uncomfortable there, that suffering is due to pretas.

41. When he refuses to obey his parents and has no love for his wife, is of cruel or callous nature, is lost in his own affairs, that suffering is due to pretas.

42. If the funeral rites are not performed in the prescribed way, the soul of the deceased (in rebirth) deviates from the righteous path and falls in the company of the wicked. Then Vrsotsarga is the only rite to redeem him, (the rite of releasing a bull infavour of the deceased).

43.O Garuda, a person becomes a ghost and undergoes the sufferings thereof, if he dies an accidental or untimely death or if his body is not cremated properly.

44.O best of birds, when the descendent knows of all this, he should conduct those rites which may release the deceased from ghosthood. If he does not perform these rites for the ghost then at his own death he in turn becomes a ghost and suffers after death.

45. The person whose house is haunted by a ghost does not feel happy or comfortable. He loses faith, pleasure, devotion, discrimination as well as wealth.

46. His previous good lineage is finished, it breaks either at the third or fifth generation. Moreover hitherto on, in every birth he lives a wretched poor and sinful life.

47. There are people who have fierce, dreadful, disfigured and ghostly appearance, who have no regard or honour for their caste, progeny, parents, or womanfolk, who put on fashions to attract lusty persons, go an unpleasant (disagreeable or not pleasing) way and talk loosely. Alas, it is painful to see them suffer, under the force of fate, from the recollection of their past sinful deeds.